Fair Maiden of France

Saint Joan of Arc so pure and bright
Who became that brave and wondrous knight
Who so valiantly fought with courage and love
and kept going ,supplied with graces from above
You won the battle, to get a king crowned
around the world, your name is renowned
A maiden so fair, put to death for no reason
in the flower of youth, blooming in the right season
A girl who kept her soul white as snow
sent by God on a mission, so off did she go
To do as God asked, for He stayed by her side
and the strength she needed her saints supplied
Untouched by the vanity the world had to give
she gave up her life, so that she might live
Her soul like a dove to Heaven flew
where she prays for us daily,our strength
she renews
A great French maiden of seventeen years old
and now the face of God , Joan of Arc can behold