Ready for Battle

While we’re wandering in the dark, and over this treacherous sea, Please hear us, young maid, Joan of Arc. You won’t ignore our plea In this vale, so filled with tears, the sufferings that wait in store You’ll come in haste, to calm our fears, and row us to safer shore The battle horn is… More Ready for Battle

Fair Maiden of France

Saint Joan of Arc so pure and bright Who became that brave and wondrous knight Who so valiantly fought with courage and love and kept going ,supplied with graces from above You won the battle, to get a king crowned around the world, your name is renowned A maiden so fair, put to death for… More Fair Maiden of France

St. Therese and suffering

Anyone who knows the story of Saint Therese knows she had  a childlike trust in God. Through her entire life she had a great confidence in Him. Everything about the way she lived reflected that trust. She was a  sensitive girl,who cried over the slightest thing. There are so many examples of this, but I’ll… More St. Therese and suffering

The Monarch

A holy prince the throne shall take A wonderful Monarch he will make When God will be worshiped again once more A period of peace will reign for sure And troubles shall cease at least for a time The Church will enjoy great glory sublime And all will follow Christ, the true King In Heaven… More The Monarch