Step 1: Seek the Kingdom

Seek the Kingdom
You have come to the first theme: Seek the Kingdom (Verité).

“Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus” – Outside the Church there is no salvation – or, interpreted positively – The Catholic Church is essential for salvation.

  1. Process goal: Bring True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin by St. Louis de Montfort and increased devotion to Eucharistic adoration to as many hearts as possible.
  2. Impact goal: To increase the desire for making, and renewing, a repentant, dogmatic confession of Catholic faith in all of these hearts.

Our love for Saint Joan of Arc and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux subsists in Jesus Christ through His Catholic Church, the Mass and sacraments, True Devotion to the Virgin Mary, Eucharistic adoration, and an evangelical life of prayer, contemplation, and action. It begins with that most fundamental message we must proclaim to the world, that Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the human race, and that the Catholic Church is His own institution, founded by His own Divine will for the purpose of bringing the human race to that glorious salvation. There is no other. We must be saved. This Church is essential for that salvation.


“The Catholic Church is essential for salvation.” What a phrase! This proclamation strikes at the very heart of our modern, secular, atheistic, New Age, and “spiritual but not religious” world. The most prevalent dogma parading through the ever more closely united world culture is that no one “truth” can be true for everyone; there is no such thing as objective truth. Following that generally unchallenged belief come the necessary corollaries: no religion can be “true” for everyone. Freedom is found by “finding one’s own spirituality” or by rejecting all religions and spiritualities to be “free” as an atheistic, materialist, empiricist.

Sadly, we find this view prevalent even in the Church herself these days. How dark are these days where so many in the Church apostatize under the warm seduction of moral and religious relativism. Let us be clear about what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through His Church, which holds the keys to His Kingdom, is telling us: there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church, which is Christ’s own institution founded for the purpose of bringing all people to salvation. All graces that come to those outside the Church are sourced from the overflow of God’s grace in the Catholic Church. Heaven and Purgatory exist. Hell exists. Judgment is coming. In the end, there are four things: death, judgment, heaven, or hell.

The most profound, mind-numbing, and deadly narcotic for souls in the modern world is the deceitful voice in our culture that tells us that Jesus Christ was wrong and that His Church remains wrong today. Yet, out of our love for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for Our Lady, Mary, Queen of heaven and earth, for our brothers and sisters in Christ, the saints, and for our fellow sojourners on this earth, we cannot and must not allow the evil one through his spirit in this world to so triumphantly drag souls to hell. Out of love for our brothers and sisters in humanity, we must proclaim boldly in this modern Dark Age of spiritual anarchy, as did the early Christians to a pagan Empire before us:

“The Catholic Church is essential for salvation.”

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2 thoughts on “Step 1: Seek the Kingdom

  1. Beautiful website and articles!! What a blessing to have you and others like you on the Internet to counteract all of the evil and fight the good fight for our beloved church!! THank you so much and GOd Bless you!!!!

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