Step 2: Love the Kingdom

Love the Kingdom
 You have come to the second theme: Love the Kingdom (Beauté).

St. Joan and St. Thérèse, “The Dove and Rose,” “Together they are the most beautiful color in the heavens!”

  1. Process goal: Bring The Dove and Rose devotion to Sts. Joan and Thérèse to as many hearts as possible as a means to most fully and deeply fulfill our True Devotion to Mary.
  2. Impact goal: To raise awareness of and to increase joyful devotion to Sts. Joan and Thérèse in as many hearts as possible.

It was St. Thérèse who introduced me to St. Joan of Arc. I have no doubt that these two glorious saints are very good friends in heaven. They truly have a spiritual kinship.

St. Thérèse introduced me to St. Joan through her poetry and plays. In doing so, both Thérèse and Joan taught me the essence of the Catholic faith, that essence being redemptive suffering in Christ that saves souls through Mary’s Immaculate Heart and which leads to glorious resurrection. Through that poetry and that essence of the faith, I saw “the color,” the one that is “the most beautiful color in the heavens.” That most beautiful color is Saints Joan and Thérèse in their combined spirituality.

Together, these “saintly sisters” taught me the most important lesson on my journey through the great castle walls of Catholicism and onward through the Kingdom she possesses. They taught me that by ordering myself according to the Divine Order which is proclaimed by Christ through His Church and in her Scriptures, Traditions, and Magisterial authority in union with the Pope, the “Trail of the Dogmatic Creed” becomes more clearly manifested as the joyful path to the Kingdom of God.

Dove and Rose with titles

The world is filled with spiritual, mental, and emotional confusion. We often hear about “just being born this or that way” or “just accepting myself the way I am.” Though there are many important issues being addressed with such statements, they usually aim at a single demand that God order Himself to “the way we are” as opposed to us working through His grace to order ourselves according to the Divine laws of nature. Thus, we see a world that continues to fragment and suffer division.

We are all “born the way we are.” We are all born with different talents and liabilities. All of us have challenges and obstacles standing between us and the Kingdom of God. In fact, we are all born with the greatest and most universal liability of all, that is, original sin. Yet God’s answer to original sin was not to just “accept us the way we are” but to give us His only Son as a redeemer, through Whom we receive the grace to ever so gradually conform ourselves again to the Divine Order. In fact this gift offers us far more than simply being restored. It offers the possibility of glory in the Kingdom of God, allowing us to be as individually various as the flowers of the fields, yet united in the principle truth of Jesus Christ such that we form a magnificent mystical landscape for His pleasure.

That is merely the beginning of what St. Joan and St. Thérèse have taught me as we walk along the majestic trail of the Dogmatic Creed of Roman Catholicism. I invite you to join me by opening the links below to review the “Knights of the Dove and Rose” as well as the entire category of posts. Enjoy your journey! Perhaps we will see each other on the way!

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