The Monarch

A holy prince the throne shall take
A wonderful Monarch he will make
When God will be worshiped again once more
A period of peace will reign for sure
And troubles shall cease at least for a time
The Church will enjoy great glory sublime
And all will follow Christ, the true King
In Heaven the angels will rejoice and sing
And the Monarch will reign along with the Pope
to give us once more a much needed hope
This prophecy shall come, oh people take heed
when the world will be in terrible need
We await for this time when the Church is restored
and Christ as true King shall be adored

written by:Soldier for Christ 33

Author: soldierforchrist33

I am a Roman Catholic who is interested in spreading the faith. I especially would love to promote devotion to two beautiful saints. I have a strong devotion to St. Joan D' Arc and St. Therese of Lisieux. Way before I made my Confirmation, I knew St. Joan was the name I'd take. It seemed only fitting that she would be the one. After all,her courage to be a real soldier of Christ inspired me to want to be like her. When you make your Confirmation,in fact you really become a soldier of Christ At the same,Like St. Therese,I am also a simple soul just trying to please God and do his work. I am a mother of one beautiful son.I home school him. I'm very honored to be a part of this website and hope you'll enjoy my posts.