St. Therese and suffering

Anyone who knows the story of Saint Therese knows she had  a childlike trust in God. Through her entire life she had a great confidence in Him.

Everything about the way she lived reflected that trust. She was a  sensitive girl,who cried over the slightest thing.

There are so many examples of this, but I’ll name only a few. For instance, she wanted to save souls with all her heart.

After her change one Christmas,  she began to grow up and not cry about everything, including the fact that her father forgot to fill the shoes with gifts. God had worked a miracle for her.

She had heard of a public sinner about to go to the death penalty, and without remorse. He was a hardened criminal, and it seemed his soul would be lost. Of course, Therese turned to God in prayer with great confidence. She told God that even if the criminal didn’t go to confession, she would believe he was saved if only there was a little sign.

So great was her confidence in God’s mercy, that soon after, she read the newspaper and it said that the man kissed a crucifix three times.

How happy Therese must have been to hear of this. There was the sign she’d asked God for. A true sign of repentance, and right before he was to be put to death by guillotine. She also would have many trials as well.

After her sister Pauline left for  a vocation to the Carmelite monastery,Therese was plunged into a most horrible suffering. Her separation from Pauline was more than she could bear. She came down with a terrible illness, and for days was in a delirium.

Again, Therese prayed to “Our Lady” for help, and soon her health returned.  There is the period of waiting after she traveled to Rome and appealed to the Pope when she announced her desire to be a religious in the monastery. She left disappointed, but never gave up hope that her prayer  would be answered.

Once more her great trust in God paid off. She would receive a letter telling her she could be accepted into the convent at  the age of 15. Still she’d have to wait a little longer. She never doubted ,so great was her childlike trust in God in every suffering.

Towards the end of her life, she had an advanced case of tuberculosis and to top it off she was constantly persecuted by a certain sister in her convent. Therese had grown so much in the spiritual life by that time, that she understood how to use her sufferings to advance in holiness.

When she lay dying, her cross was so heavy, that most people would ask God to take away the suffering, or to cure them. But not Therese. She understood the infinite merit there would be for souls, if she offered up everything. At one point Therese said “Everything You will, but have pity on me.” She didn’t ask God to remove her cross.

She died in great peace. How many times do we have trials and ask God to heal our bodily sufferings? What about our mental anguish, loneliness, loss of material things, death in the family? It seems we could all learn a lesson from Saint Therese.

We should pray to her often, and ask her to gain for us the same great confidence in God she had. We all need to be like a little child, and trust in God Our Father, just as a child trusts in his or her parents without question.

So if you lack that trust and confidence, when suffering comes to your door, St. Therese is the saint you need to pray to. Ask her and you won’t be disappointed. Suffering will be made so much easier.

St. Therese(Little Flower) Pray for us!

Author: soldierforchrist33

I am a Roman Catholic who is interested in spreading the faith. I especially would love to promote devotion to two beautiful saints. I have a strong devotion to St. Joan D' Arc and St. Therese of Lisieux. Way before I made my Confirmation, I knew St. Joan was the name I'd take. It seemed only fitting that she would be the one. After all,her courage to be a real soldier of Christ inspired me to want to be like her. When you make your Confirmation,in fact you really become a soldier of Christ At the same,Like St. Therese,I am also a simple soul just trying to please God and do his work. I am a mother of one beautiful son.I home school him. I'm very honored to be a part of this website and hope you'll enjoy my posts.