Little Flowers and Big Miracles

Therese 3

There is a lot to be said about a saint, who made it to Heaven by doing little things. Saint Therese of the Child Jesus was one of those, who did just that. She was hidden away in a cloistered Carmelite Monastery. However, as of late, what she did for me was no small matter. I had a family situation; Prayers were needed desperately for an answer, and it was through the humble little French Saint (St. Therese) that my prayers were heard. I had started a nine day novena to her, pleading for my nephew, who was clinging to life in the pediatric ICU unit in my city. First of all, he was at death’s door, and I asked that he may live. Mostly though, as is the case in plenty of families,even Catholic,he may have ended up dying and without ever being baptized. I had to beg St. Therese for an answer, because family wasn’t cooperating. I had asked a family member, who was present to do the layman’s Baptism. I was assured it would be done, but then found out later, that it wasn’t. I called a Catholic Chaplain, who just so happened to work out of that hospital. He started a 30 minute drive there. I received a call later, only to be told, the father had sent the priest away. I was heartbroken. What to do now? If my nephew should pass away,he would not be admitted into Heaven.

I knew then, the only solution was prayer, as I had done what I could. But, with God, nothing’s impossible. I started that St. Therese novena immediately. Things seemed grim,as I checked for updates on my nephew’s condition. He was on a respirator. The doctor wasn’t sure either if my nephew would be brain dead, comatose and maybe even die. I waited. Finally , I went to sleep, with more prayers for him. Then came the next morning. I had asked for my usual sign of a rose. This time I needed a purple one, so I could be sure this was the sign. It came! I logged into my face book the morning after, and the first post on my wall was none other than a beautiful purple rose. The sender had started a post on St. Therese, the day before, unaware of my prayer. I didn’t tell anyone about this. She told me, after I revealed she was instrumental in answering the novena, that she had started praying for my intentions, the day before. She was amazed,as I told her of what I asked. Saint Therese,may be little and humble; however when she answers, it is no small thing. My little Saint to whom I have devotion, was already hearing my plea, before I could ask. St. Therese is truly a remarkable saint. If you need problems solved, prayers answered, or any grace, go to her. You’ll never be disappointed. Saint Therese, pray for us! May I add, that the same day I got the sign, my sister called and told me that my nephew was actually sitting up eating, groggy, but no tube was down his throat. He was breathing on his own. The  good news is that he suffered no long term organ damage. The only prayer now is that his father will see to his Baptism. I am glad he didn’t die without the sacraments. In time, I’m sure, our dear Little Flower will see that he becomes a Catholic.

Author: soldierforchrist33

I am a Roman Catholic who is interested in spreading the faith. I especially would love to promote devotion to two beautiful saints. I have a strong devotion to St. Joan D' Arc and St. Therese of Lisieux. Way before I made my Confirmation, I knew St. Joan was the name I'd take. It seemed only fitting that she would be the one. After all,her courage to be a real soldier of Christ inspired me to want to be like her. When you make your Confirmation,in fact you really become a soldier of Christ At the same,Like St. Therese,I am also a simple soul just trying to please God and do his work. I am a mother of one beautiful son.I home school him. I'm very honored to be a part of this website and hope you'll enjoy my posts.