Therese 3

At times I feel lost,
and I don’t know where to turn
I gaze upward towards Heaven
For some solace I do yearn
And yet feeling all alone
at facing the unknown, I know Therese is there.
It’s clear as day to me, she sees our needs
with tears streaming down my face,
my heart so filled with weeds
A crown of thorns starts pressing in
and just when I feel I can’t go on
Therese is there with roses red
and my doubts seem to be gone.
There she is in front of me,
so close that it was hard to see
that she had been there all along
My saddened heart breaks, out into song.
Therese is there, she comes once more
To answer prayers, that I implore.
Therese, my friend with rose petals falling
I see her presence, hear her calling.
She says to me “Dear soul, it will all be okay.”
So trusting once more, I follow the “Little Way”

Author: 24rosepetals

I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful website,which promotes devotion to two great Saints. I hope all who read my posts will be inspired to a greater devotion to St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Joan D' Arc. I am practicing Roman Catholic, and happen to have a special devotion to both Saints. I chose Saint Joan D' Arc as my Confirmation name. I admire her for her virtues and her heroic martyrdom. Saint Therese was one of the first Saints I ever prayed to, and I fell in love with her childlike trust in God. She has proved a great intercessor for my needs without fail. My vocation is that of a mother and I have one wonderful son,who is grown. It is my hope to be an inspiration to all who read my posts, leading all to greater devotion to both of these Saints to whom this website is dedicated. I am honored to be part of it.