The fields of Christendom (Part 2)


The fields of Christendom (Part 2)

After crossing many fields
Covered with flowers and grazing animals
We carefully crossed a rapid creek
Where on the far side, we sat to dry our feet
Thérèse spoke, looking back over the flowing water

“Pay heed, dear brother, to Joan of Arc
She’s sent to guide you over the highest of mountain tops
To the very heart of the Mother of God
By the very command of the King of Kings
But this gift from Jesus to you – requires suffering!”

I myself stared into the swirling pools
Not even cognizant of that at which I looked
I did not care to ponder much on Thérèse’s words
Though I knew them to be true
But perhaps in my case there would be an exception…

“What is a sacrifice?” she turned to look directly in my eyes
“But to offer what is of value
And the greater the value, the greater the offering
Do not our scriptures say that there is no love greater
Than to give one’s life for another?”

Now this was making me quite uncomfortable
All this talk of suffering and death
But it was quite interestingly different from the talk
I heard in the Dark Forest of despair
That is, that we must not die, we must evolve to gods

“To give one’s life for Jesus
When He gave His for us
Is our true act of love
To serve for no reward
Save loving Christ the King!”

I looked at Joan of Arc, as we stood to move along
The mystery of her life no longer locked away
Her soul and that of Thérèse, both given to God in love
By sacrificing all for Him
Asking, neither one, for anything save union with Jesus

We started forward again, in peaceful silence
My feet were dry, and I felt well rested
I had never spoken a word, and this was good
For looking up ahead I could see majestic mountains
With snow and treacherous passes

My spirit’s desire, the Heart of Mary
For the glory of Christ the Savior
Lay beyond those heavenly peaks
And so, it was good not to speak
For I would need to be silent while guided over there


Author: Walter Adams

I am a missionary for a Kingdom many thought to be lost, commissioned by a Queen many never knew existed. My commission is to seek the spiritual diaspora of Catholic and Royal France and to restore the influence of Catholic and Royal France in America. I hold an undergraduate degree in Economics from Princeton University and a Master’s Degree in Public and Private Management from Yale University. I am married and the father of one child. Though raised a Methodist in the Bible Belt and surrounded with evangelicalism as a youth, I converted to the Catholic Church prior to my marriage in 1985. Touched deeply by the life of St. Thérèse of Lisieux and imbued with a filial love for Mary, I set out on a life-long spiritual journey to "seek first" Christ's Kingdom with Thérèse as my guide. Eventually led to confront my inner most being on that lonely, mystical hill of Calvary, I discovered through Mary's maternal guidance and Thérèse's sisterly care that Jesus had called another mighty saint to walk with me and to protect me through that dark and awful night of self-confrontation that leads us in Christ to true freedom. That saint, a spiritual sister to Thérèse, was Joan of Arc. ~ Walter Adams

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