How the Royal Heart saves the Church – “a rocklike faith, the kind that would stand though the heavens fell.”

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Charles of Anjou was strikingly different from his brother St. Louis IX, though they had one fundamental aspect in common.


He was a strong man, brave as a lion, steadfast and persevering. He said little, slept little, lost no time in diversions, living a chaste and highly disciplined life. He was a mighty warrior, but no crusader; during his long and active career as a prince of Christendom he never set foot in the Holy Land. Few men loved Charles of Anjou; all men respected him, and many feared him. What he and (King Saint) Louis shared was the pearl of great price: a rocklike faith, the kind that would stand though the heavens fell.”


~ Warren Carroll, The Glories of Christendom, p. 283

The Royal Heart’s response to today’s crisis in the Church is quite simple. We will follow the example of King St. Louis and his brother Charles of Anjou. Though the entire hierarchy would yield to apostasy and the heavens themselves fall, we will remain, by the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, invincibly Catholic.

That is it. That’s the strategy.

With Our Lord’s help and through our true devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, we will stand in our faith when all else collapses. Our secret to saving the Church as Royal Hearts  is simply to remain undefeated.

We can do this only through the power and grace of Jesus Christ. But with that power and grace, we will do it. It is our duty as a Royal Heart under the guidance, patronage, and care of Queen St. Clotilda, the mother of Christendom.

I recently saw the following quote and find it appropriate.

“When Napoleon told Pope Leo that he (Napoleon) would destroy the Papacy and the Church, Pope Leo replied: ‘If we haven’t been able to destroy it, you won’t be able to either.’ ” 

Remain faithful. Remain Catholic. Let Heaven itself fall, and we will remain Catholic. Jesus is with us to the end of the ages.

Queen St. Clotilda, pray for us!

Author: Walter Adams

I am a missionary for a Kingdom many thought to be lost, commissioned by a Queen many never knew existed. My commission is to seek the spiritual diaspora of Catholic and Royal France and to restore the influence of Catholic and Royal France in America. I hold an undergraduate degree in Economics from Princeton University and a Master’s Degree in Public and Private Management from Yale University. I am married and the father of one child. Though raised a Methodist in the Bible Belt and surrounded with evangelicalism as a youth, I converted to the Catholic Church prior to my marriage in 1985. Touched deeply by the life of St. Thérèse of Lisieux and imbued with a filial love for Mary, I set out on a life-long spiritual journey to "seek first" Christ's Kingdom with Thérèse as my guide. Eventually led to confront my inner most being on that lonely, mystical hill of Calvary, I discovered through Mary's maternal guidance and Thérèse's sisterly care that Jesus had called another mighty saint to walk with me and to protect me through that dark and awful night of self-confrontation that leads us in Christ to true freedom. That saint, a spiritual sister to Thérèse, was Joan of Arc. ~ Walter Adams