Joan of Arc

Articles of St. Joan’s Intercession

The Articles of St. Joan of Arc’s Intercession

This journal records the signal graces St. Joan of Arc obtains for us by the will of divine providence when we are devoted and consecrated to her.

Our Lord and Our Lady desire great spiritual works from us through the intercession, guidance, patronage, and sisterly care of St. Joan. Understood in this way, we so called will not enter Heaven without her.

Article 1 – Defense against Modernism and Enlightenment about Truth

“The intellectual leadership of the university of Paris was overwhelmingly in favor of conciliar reform.”

St. Joan, through her intercession, shields us from the onslaught of modernism and the ruling Hegelian spirit.

She directs us along the path of unchanging Catholic truth. She obtains for us the grace to understand and the wisdom to see with our spiritual eyes the eternal form of God’s kingdom, using the eternal form of Catholic and Royal France as an analogous type.

An example would be her defense of Charles VII against the collegial spirit of the university of Paris. The threat to France was not just political. It was spiritual and religious. It was spiritual in that France is the Eldest Daughter Of the Church, and it was religious in that she protected France from succumbing to the spirit of democracy in the church as proposed through the elevation of the general council over the Pope.

Article 2 – Theological Virtue of Hope

“However great the doubts about her, Joan had already restored an amazing degree of hope to the French cause.”

St. Joan obtains for us the theological virtue of Hope. Joan lifted the spirit of France before she ever worked her miraculous deeds on the battlefield. Just upon hearing of her presence, the people reflected on God and divine providence. Their hearts and minds were raised to God through Joan.

Article 3 – Mission

“Since her arrival on territory obedient to the dauphin, she had no task more important than laying claim to what she called her ‘mission.'”

St. Joan obtains for us a sense of mission. This mission is one divinely ordained and is our path to eternal life. When we say that God has ordained that we cannot enter Heaven without Joan, we are speaking of her as the divinely ordained bearer of Our Lord and Our Lady’s plan for us. It is through her that we will receive the graces necessary to be sanctified. This is, of course, all in accord with the divine order and the order of grace with Mary as our Mother, Queen, and Mediatrix all grace.

Article 4 – Annihilation Of Self

“Unperturbed by the laughter and the jeering she provoked, Joan said that his Lord wished the dauphin to become king…”

St. Joan obtains for us the graces necessary to be purified through annihilation of self. She aids and strengthens us as we endure contradiction, lack of belief, scorn, and ridicule, all of which are necessary to imitate Our Lord and to be worthy of eternal life with him.

Our Lord will prescribe precisely the suffering of self denial that is required to sanctify us. Though our nature revolts, Joan is a friend, sister, and patroness to help us endure all for love of Christ.

An example of this is her perseverance at Vaucouleurs as she was rejected, jeered, and mocked time and again. Her perseverance eventually won the day and many loyal supporters. It no doubt pleased God to see her willingness to reject the world’s honor for her heavenly mission.

Article 5 – True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

“I saw her under the vault of this church kneeling before the statue of the blessed Virgin, with her face sometimes downcast and sometimes gazing upright.”

St. Joan obtains for us a great and true devotion to Our Lady. Our Holy Mother was at the core of Joan’s spirituality as exhibited in her youth as well as on her mission. We are prepared for this Kingdom of Catholic and Royal France through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Joan ensures that Marian devotion remains uncompromisingly at the center of our own spirituality. True France is in the center of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; therefore, we cannot obtain it without journeying to the center of that heart ourselves.


Article 6 – “A love for her that was, I believe, divine.”

“Her words put me on fire, inspiring in me a love for her that was, I believe, divine.” ~ John de Metz, companion with Joan of Arc on her journey to Chinon

St. Joan inspires in us a burning love for her that is of divine origin. This is a signal grace from God and our invitation by him to receive abundant graces through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Joan. Our love is reflected in a great zeal for Joan and for sharing her life with others. We recognize her as our patroness and celestial sister.

Article 7 – “He will have no help, if not through me.”

“He will have no help, if not through me.” ~ Joan’s prophecy to those who asked why she wanted to see the dauphin

We have a clear conviction that it is the divine will that we not enter the kingdom of God without Joan. We know in our hearts and minds that Joan of Arc is Our Lord’s chose guide for our lives and that true devotion to Our Lady will be fulfilled only through our devotion to Joan, which is Mary’s desire for us and the way she will present us as acceptableto Jesus her son.

Article 8 – Joan’s double mandate

“… she answered that hers was a double mandate from the King of Heaven. She had first to raise the siege of Orléans, then to lead Charles to Reims to receive his crown and his anointing.”

We have an uncompromising conviction that Joan has received a double mandate from the King of Heaven, first to raise the siege of darkness in our lives and then to lead us to the kingdom of God for our crown and our anointing.

Article 9 – Let your yes be yes and your no be no

“She went straight to the dauphin and calmly delivered the message for which she had crossed half the country. ‘I say to you, on behalf of the Lord, that you are the true heir of France…’”

St. Joan obtains for us the grace to speak fearlessly the truth clearly and calmly without compromise. We are confident of our message and fearful of the Lord should we not speak true of it.

Article 10 – Joan reveals to us our royal lineage

“What did Joan tell Charles? It is not known exactly…”

St. Joan obtains for us the great grace of the knowledge of our heavenly fiefdom to which she leads us, “so that you can receive your coronation and consécration if you wish it.”

Article 11 – The blood of France

“When I came up to them, Joan immediately asked who I was, and the King answered that I was the Duke of Alençon. Then Joan said, ‘You are very welcome; the more the blood of France is gathered together, the better it shall be.’” ~ The Duke of Alençon’s account of his first meeting with Joan

St. Joan is designated by our Lord Jesus Christ and our blessed mother Mary to seek and unite the spiritual blood of France, those who are united to True France through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Article 12 – The Donation

“And then Joan made several requests of the King, among others that he give his kingdom to the King of Heaven, and that after that donation the King of Heaven would do to him as he has done to his predecessors and would bring it back to its original condition…” ~ The Duke of Alençon

Devotion to St. Joan is our manner of bringing the kingdom of the blessed Virgin Mary’s Catholic and Royal France on earth as it is in Heaven. Our devotion in cooperation with Joan and her mission from the King of Heaven will restore France as the Eldest Daughter Of The Church. Through her intercession and our works of virtue and piety, France will again be saved.

Article 13 – “She responded in great style”

“‘She responded in great style,’ said Seguin. Joan’s language always provoked admiration: ‘This girl spoke terribly well,’ Albert d’Ourches from the region of Vaucouleurs had said of her, adding, ‘I would really like to have had so fine a daughter.’”

St. Joan obtains the grace for and demands of us a well ordered and well spoken life, one pleasing to God and edifying to our fellow man. The Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of our mission and faith must reflect in our actions.

Article 14 – Purity

“Like the members of Joan’s escort from Vaucouleurs to Chinon , all were struck by her purity.”

St. Joan obtains for us the great grace of purity which is essential for us to remain in a state of sanctifying grace.

Article 15 – Efficacy 

“In God’s name, the soldiers will give battle and God will give the victory.”

St. Joan obtains for us the great grace of efficacy in our cooperation with grace. Through our actions, inspired by St. Joan, we cooperate efficaciously with God’s grace. We give the battle, and God gives the victory.

Article 16 – Spiritual preparation

“All the eyewitnesses report that Joan took great care in the spiritual preparation of the army.”

St. Joan prepares us spiritually for the work Our Lord and Our Lady have ordained for us. She prepares us for, and guides us on, our journey of faith. Joan obtains for us both antecedent and congruous grace that we might be prepared (antecedent) to act (congruous) with efficaciousness.

Article 17 – A heart of goodwill

“All of a sudden, and as though at that very moment, the wind – which had been contrary and which had absolutely prevented the ships in which were the food supplies for the city of Orléans from coming upriver – changed and became favorable. From that moment I had good hope in her, more than ever before.” ~ Dunois, the Bastard of Orléans

St. Joan brings about in us a heart of goodwill which is essential for following her in the fulfillment of Our Lord’s will through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Article 18 – Miraculous affective spiritual rebirth

“These reports attest to the extraordinary emotional impact that the breaking of the siege of Orléans produced.”

Joan affects in us a seemingly eternal fount of affective spiritual rejuvenation. Her impact on us is not fleeting. It is persistent and relentless, no matter our disposition.

Article 19 – Submission or Battle

“This letter evokes the grandeur of Joan’s Christian, martial, and chivalric mentality at the same time that it mask the increasing irrelevance of these qualities to her world and moment. The letter reveals that Joan expected the fate of her king and kingdom to be determined by submission or by battle.

She was not of her king’s counsel. She was ignorant of the swarming diplomatic activity then underway among French, English, and Burgundian diplomats.”

Joan instills in us a spirit of non-compromise. We remain zealous for the truth with no semblance of falsehood. She protects us from errors spread throughout the church resulting from diplomatic negotiations with the modern culture and the spirit of man. We expect the Kingdom of God to be brought down “on earth as it is in Heaven” through submission or battle.

Article 20 – Joan will never abandon us

“I promise and certify that I shall never abandon you as long as I shall live.”

~ St. Joan of Arc to the city of Reims

(All quotes from Joan of Arc, Her Story by Régine Pernoud)

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