Joan of Arc is my hero.


March 12, 2009

St. Joan of Arc pray for us.

One of the truly remarkable aspects of Roman Catholicism is the incredible view, that is, the world view through which we judge our state of happiness. As I stand in the Church and look out, I see panoramic landscapes with beautiful vistas that include roaring rivers, mysterious forests, contemplative plains, majestic mountains, and deep echoing valleys. It is a world that seems at times to be magical, only everything here is truly very real. The person who tells me that my God is a fairy tale does not so much profane God as he does manifest his own disdain for fairy tales and wonderment! (Chesterton; Orthodoxy) I do not see different things; I see everything the materialist sees only more. The materialist sees the material world, and so do I. The materialist studies Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity and marvels at its implications for understanding the universe, and so do I. The materialist calls it quits right there; I do not. The Catholic not only pursues the question of “How” with Mr. Einstein, he pursues the question of “Why” with St. Peter. My materialistic and skeptical friends cut their joy far too short.

That is why I can never leave this land, no matter how much I spoil and pollute the scenery with my sins, and no matter how much pollution comes in through the sins of others. So many refuse to journey through this marvelous land because of the sins of its inhabitants; I refuse to leave despite these same sins. The land is beautiful and life-giving; I don’t want to leave, I only want us to take better care of its environment! It would make no sense to leave, for at the end of the journey is heaven, a place and the reality long forgotten or ignored by the modern mind. Reaching the end of this journey is the only point of life. The modern mind is too busy creating “man made” religions like atheism, New Age, and skeptical philosophy in conjunction with materialism, consumerism and “power” careers to enjoy the surety and simplicity of dogma that guides us through the mysterious land of Catholicism, a path founded not by man but by a “God-man”!  And this is not an invective or cynical accusation made to our atheistic or skeptical friends; it is, by definition, a true and logical statement. If there is no God, then atheism can only be defined as a mere man made philosophical invention. Your own reason will tell you that. In clear contradistinction, Catholicism is not a man made invention (can you imagine something as strange as Catholicism being thought up by men?), it is handed to us as revelation by the God-man.

Jehanne clouds refined

One of the most startling discoveries I made in this inspiring land was other people. I am referring not just to people we see everyday walking down the streets of New York or Chicago, but people whom we call saints. Saints are very real people. They were created like us to walk the path of dogma before us and have reached that reality called heaven. And the King of Kings, through whom all things were created, the savior of the human race, Jesus Christ, the second person of the Holy Trinity, true man and true God, gives us the help and friendship of these wonderful souls as we make our journey. We walk not alone, but in the reality of friends here in our material world, and also with our friends in the heavenly world, that is, the saints. St. Therese of Lisieux, who died in 1897, saved my life in 1984. That is the wild world of Roman Catholicism. Wear your seat belt if you decide to take the trip.


And with all this in mind, I would like to say a few words about Joan of Arc. This astounding person lived one of the most intriguing lives in all of human history. An unlettered girl of seventeen, she was given command of the armies of France (though Vita Sackville-West claims that she was not officially given this command, but the reality either way is that she DID command), defeated the armies of England, and led Charles VII through enemy territory to Reims to be crowned king. She did all of this in obedience to the voices of Saint Michael the Archangel, St. Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who represented the King of Kings. There is really no one comparable to her in all of history, save Jesus Christ himself and the Holy Virgin who gave him birth (for what can compare to the motherhood of God – not even the miraculous life of Joan of Arc!). Afterwards, her reward was to be tried for heresy in a corrupt, English and Burgundian kangaroo inquisitional court, while Charles VII, the king whom she had just miraculously crowned, sat idly by doing nothing to save her. She was cruelly burned at the stake, 20 odd years later declared an innocent victim by the Church, and 500 years later declared an official saint! You thought Catholicism dull.

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It took me twenty-two years to finally make the repentant, conversion of my will to Catholicism that I made with my intellect and heart in 1984 under the influence of St. Therese and the Virgin Mary. But when I did make this conversion and act of true repentance (though sin is still an ugly and “polluted” part of my life), the King and the Queen of heaven sent dear Joan of Arc to lead me. Joan of Arc has inspired me with hope and courage to move forward on my journey with St. Therese as my sister, the Mother of God as my mother, and the Lord of Lords as my brother, and, well, Lord. Joan of Arc lived a life of evangelical simplicity while accomplishing astounding miracles in God’s name. The awful and terrifying Hundred Years War was, in only seven weeks, permanently crippled by her victories, or, as I like to say it: Jesus Christ ended the Hundred Years War through the life sacrifice of Joan of Arc (the war did not actually end for another twenty years, but historians will point to Joan of Arc as the decisive moment that brought about its end).

Joan of Arc is my hero. Not only am I in awe of her life, but I live in deep gratitude for her role in my own life today as I stumble along joyfully on the path of the dogmatic creed of Roman Catholicism. Joan is a sister, a friend, a spiritual leader. She was given to me by the Virgin Mary to guide me according to the will of her Son. My sins still befall me. I fall every day and get dirty. But my friends here on earth and from the heavens beyond are here to help drag me up, clean me off, and set me back straight until I wander off again. I think the reason I have been given this help is that I am simply too weak and confused to do it myself. And I say God bless that. I would not want to make this journey alone anyway.

Well, that is a little about Joan of Arc. As I travel along with her, I simply wave and jump up and down, trying to get others’ attention, to see if they too would like to travel the mystical but very real and adventurous path of Roman Catholicism. You have friends waiting to help you too.

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Restoring the influence of Catholic and Royal France in America

Joan and Therese cloud Royaume France

U.S. History shows how all Catholic government, whether English, French, or Spanish, was gradually crowded out, on a continent liberally watered by the blood of martyrs from all parts of Europe who first planted the Cross of Christ there and who sought no other end than consolidating His peaceful possession.” ~(The Star-Spangled Heresy, p.171, Solange Hertz; quoted from Puritan’s Empire by Charles A. Coulombe)

RoyaumeFrance is an outreach for the French Catholic Diaspora. We specifically are a mission, or a French, Catholic, Royal outpost, in the otherwise wild and untamed wilderness that is America. We are called by Divine Providence to restore the influence of Catholic and Royal France across this land, an influence best defined as the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Mystical Kingdom of Catholic France. Our Lady’s Kingdom of France extends to “the earth as it is in Heaven” to the degree that we convert our lands to the true and full Christian faith in the Catholic Church and to the degree that we then build a new order founded on the teachings of Christ’s Church and an order where He is truly our King and the Blessed Virgin Mary is our Queen. Our earthly Monarchs are, as St. Joan of Arc informed Charles VII, Lieutenants, or stewards, of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

Our model is Middle Ages Christendom and France in particular as the “Eldest Daughter of the Church.” We put ourselves under the celestial guidance and in the friendship and sisterly care of Ste. Jehanne d’Arc and Ste. Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus.


Through their care, and in total consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Spirit inflames in us a “royal heart” which seeks the Divine Order “on earth as it is in Heaven.” Our Royal Hearts are under the patronage and care of the mother of Christendom, St. Clotilda.

Clotilda cool wind

Through RoyaumeFrance’s inspiration, we desire that all may Seek the Kingdom by making a repentant, dogmatic confession of Catholic Faith in total consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary; Love the Kingdom through devotion to Ste. Jehanne and Ste. Thérèse, and Defend the Kingdom through the counterrevolutionary pedagogy of Traditional French Catholicism.

The duty of Royal Hearts living as a diaspora in a Republican wasteland

Royal Hearts 3

I am passionate about the restoration of the Monarchies in Europe and even about a proper Monarchy for the United States. When I say “restoration,” I mean more than bringing back to power those princely families who now are sidelined by the multitude of 18th and 19th century Republics. What I mean by restoration of the Monarchies is much, much more. I refer to the fulfillment and actualization of the proper Monarchical Form in all the princely families, those now reigning included.

For the most part, the European Monarchies are shadows of their former selves. With Republicanism stream-rolling through America and across the European continent in previous centuries, the remaining Monarchs still standing are left now with inappropriately limited powers and often are more symbolic in nature than true rulers.

The proper Monarchical Form is an ideal, but no more so than the proper Republican ideal. Whether Monarchist or Republican, we hold up the respective ideal Form as an inspiration for the nation. Therefore, I have no qualms about referring to a Monarchical Form, even if it has never been realized nor ever will be (the same is true for Republics – but that does not stop Republicans from preaching the virtues of the Republic).


The proper Monarchical Form of which I speak is the counterrevolutionary bulwark that seeks the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven” (and we know from Pius XI’s Quas Primas that this Kingdom is not restricted only to the “hearts” of men and women – Christ must be the King and center of our societies, as He is King over all creation and not just over His believers). In this Kingdom, God determines right from wrong as opposed to “The People.” Conversely, our Republican friends are obsessed with the liberal notion that “The People” must be free to determine their own morality and associated societal laws. The former, Monarchical Form, sets us free by allowing us to eat of all trees in the garden except for the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (which is reserved for God alone). The latter, Republican Form, enslaves us by attempting to eat of that very forbidden tree, thus banishing ourselves in ironic boomerang fashion from the garden entirely.

The proper Monarchical Form leads us to a society organized by Christ Himself through the infallible faith and morals of His Holy Catholic Church. In such a society, having accepted Jesus Christ as King of Kings and His prerogative over our moral lives and associated laws governing our society, we are truly free then to “eat of the rest of the trees in the garden.” The fatal flaw in the Republican model is that God will never allow us to be free in our rebellion by “The People” to eat of the forbidden tree. He has made this clear. To seek the revolutionary rebellion of “The People” who decide their own morality and associate laws in society is to seek our own banishment from the garden. God simply will not allow this revolution to fester in His Kingdom.


Therefore, our role as Royal Hearts, indeed, our loving obligation, is to pray for and support the royal families in order to make them better Monarchs that they might lead us in building better societies. As loyal subjects our duty is to make our Kings and Queens truly who they are meant to be. We seek the best for them but also the best from them. Our goal as Royal Hearts is to make our Kings and Queens truly great, truly noble, and truly worthy of their divine right calling.

As Royal Hearts, living as a diaspora in a Republican wasteland, we rejoice in sacrificing and praying for our royal families that they might reach the fulfillment of their Form. Only then will we have a foundation for the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven.” Only under truly noble Monarchs will we truly be free.

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Joan of Arc and the Ladies Tree

Joan and Therese cloud Royaume France
For those who are following my new series on the life of Joan of Arc, you will be pleased to know that we are going to speak soon about the Ladies Tree.

The Ladies Tree became a point of significant interest during  Joan’s inquisitional trial. This tree was a centuries old landmark that grew by a stream in her hometown of Domrémy. Children would go out to play under its huge branches, and families would repose there from time to time for picnics and games. The Ladies Tree also was known by the name “The Fairies Tree,” a moniker derived from stories passed down through the generations about Fairies playing and dancing under the tree.

The Ladies Tree was one of those key memorials to childhood for the locals. Joan remembered playing and singing under the large tree holding arching branches that touched the ground. All the children went there when they were out playing. However, later in her life, Joan’s inquisitors were more interested in the “Fairy” part of the tree than they were the “Ladies.” Joan’s inquisitors were much interested in whether or not Joan “saw” fairies there, or ever “played with fairies.” This would indicate that Joan’s “Voices” from Heaven might actully have been delusions from Hades. They wanted to see if she had any tendencies toward witchcraft.

Of course, Joan did not. She neither “saw” nor “played with” fairies.


However, the story of the Ladies Tree fascinated me from the moment I first read about it. There was something about the Ladies Tree in Joan of Arc’s story that enraptured me and pulled me to it. Perhaps it was merely my own sentimentality and nostalgia for my youthful, care-free days of ages past. Candidly, I think that really was it. Somehow, in some mystical way that only Our Lord can know and work, I felt that my sentimental emotions coming out of the story of the Ladies Tree connected my past with Joan’s as if grace, somehow by the Hand of God, connected my life with Joan’s.

You might say that this is over-sentimentalizing the situation, an over-reach in my subjective devotion to Joan. Perhaps you are right; I really don’t know (and with equal candor, do not really care). However, you might like to know that I drug you along with me! The story of Joan of Arc and the Ladies Tree inspired me to write a poem that included you. This poem was in honor of my friends with whom I grew up. In this poem I connected us, as friends, with Joan of Arc and the Ladies Tree. In this poem I celebrate our friendship along with Joan’s, such that we all, Joan of Arc, you my friends, and I can gather to meet once more, under that very tree, in union with Joan’s own spirit, as we travel toward our eternal destinations.

Yes, my friends, I did that for you. I brought you with me to Joan of Arc’s own memorial to friendship.

The Ladies Tree

When I look out the window pane each day at three to stare
Or rest my elbows on the sill each morn to breathe the air
Sometimes, more now than then, in solitude and thought I see
Delightful sights up on a hill where sits the Ladies Tree
I love to lean and look beyond her shades to pillowed clouds
Out over plains and flowers blowing breezily about
And slightly to one side and down the hill by banks of grass
Is Frogs Spring blue where children often sing, hold hands, and dance
Wistfully turning back inside my house to clean and strain
Over some things collected through my years of joy and pain
With tears I realize the things more treasured than the rest
Are friendships that were forged from youth while playing on that crest
Then came a day I still recall with joy and leaping heart
When at my sill I saw those friends, like me, now aged depart
They left their things, they moved with grace, I saw that from my sill
They looked to make their way across that plain and on that hill
I lean and think that heaven’s call may not be all that long
And how it would be nice to meet those friends once more for song
My apron off, I have a change in plans today at three
Today’s the day I’ll leave my sill and run to the Ladies Tree

~ “The Ladies Tree” by Walter Adams


Joan of Arc – Young Joan and the Burgundians (2)

Joan and Therese cloud Royaume France

Conditions were not ideal in Domrémy while Joan was a youth. Of course, the Hundred Years War made the situation appalling at times. Of notable importance is the fact that France was at war with herself during this period. Due to a feud between the Prince of Burgundy and the “dauphin” (heir apparent to the Kingship of France) Charles the VII, the Burgundians sided with the English to deny Charles the French crown and create a “double crown” for the King of England. The Anglo-Burgundian alliance made significant headway against Charles VII and his beleaguered Armagnac army  (named for the region that rallied to defend the dauphin). Domrémy was one of the few towns in the region to hold out for Charles. One  notable exception was Vaucouleurs. Another was Neufchâteau.

Domrémy was almost exclusively sided with the dauphin and opposed to the Anglo-Burgundian alliance. Joan said that she knew “only one Burgundian there, and I could have wished his head cut off – however, only if it pleased God.” Nearby Maxey was Burgundian. Whereas Joan had no recollection of the children fighting, she did remember adult villagers from Domrémy going out to fight the Burgundians of Maxey and coming home wounded and bleeding.

Despite the neighborly ill-will caused by the civil war in France and the anxiety created by the English advances, Joan maintained a beautifully positive point of view. She expressed not that she wished to fight the Burgundians but that she “had a great will and desire that my King (Charles) have his kingdom.” Early in life, love for her King and his Kingdom drove Joan’s stern attitude toward the Burgundians as opposed to a hatred for her Burgundian enemy.

Le Royaume truth beauty goodness

Though Joan could not remember well the degree to which she continued guarding the livestock after she grew older and attained the age of reason, she did remember taking on the responsibility to drive them away from Domrémy to a fortified place called the Isle for fear of “men-at-arms.” Once, in danger of Burgundian attacks, Joan stayed for about fifteen days in Neufchâteau with a highly regarded local woman named La Rousse. She did not stay longer as she preferred Domrémy.

Fear of Burgundian men-at-arms clearly played havoc on the lives of the residents of Domrémy, Joan included. Joan would have much more serious reasons to fear Burgundians years later, but for now, she and her playmates  would find ways to enjoy themselves as any children will.

Source: Joan of Arc – By herself and her witnesses, Régine Pernoud, pp. 20-21

Dove and Rose


Joan of Arc – her beginnings (1)

Joan and Therese cloud Royaume France

As a child Joan of Arc’s local community knew her by the name, “Jeannette.” That later became what we know in English today as “Joan” after she left her small village on the borderlands of the Holy Roman Empire and ventured on her mission into what was left of France during that period of the Hundred Years War between England and France.

Joan was born in Domrémy, which essentially was one community with Greux, and it was the latter that held the principle community church.


Joan was born on the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, 1412 to Jacques d’Arc and Isabelle R0mée and baptized in the church of Domrémy by a priest she recalled years later and to the best of her ability as Jean Minet. Joan had many godparents based on what she remembered her mother saying, and by her own recollection named an Agnes, another “Jeanne” (Joan in English), and a Sibille as godmothers, along with a Jean Lingue and Jean Barre as godfathers.

Mother Isabelle taught Joan her Catholic faith, particularly the Pater Noster (Our Father), the Ave Maria (Hail Mary), and the Credo (Creed). From a work and chore standpoint, Joan boasted mischievously of her ability to out-sew and out-spin any of the ladies in the region. She confessed her sins often, if not to her parish priest, to any who could hear them, notably to the begging friars in the nearby town of Neufchâteau. She received the sacrament of the Eucharist at a minimum every  Easter.


Joan’s account of her own beginnings are fully confirmed by the testimonies of many who knew her as a child, for example, Jean Moreau, a farmer at Greux and one of Joan’s godfathers, along with Simon Musnier, Mengette (Marguerite), and Hauviette who were playmates, just to name a few.

These many eye witness accounts of Joan’s early years reveal a very normal life, though in very unsettling times, and a most pious and devoted spirit. Joan gave alms to the poor, cared for the sick, and worked very hard at her chores, including taking care of the livestock, all the while maintaining a very pleasing demeanor. Her priest spoke of her to others, at the time he knew her (and not simply in reflection many years later), as the best and most devoted Catholic he had. She would visit often the nearby hermitage of Our Lady of Bermont, founded in honor of the Blessed Virgin, with candles or flowers. Other accounts point to her being so pious and observant that the other children sometimes made fun of her.

Joan of Arc was raised a good, hard-working girl and a pious, devoted Catholic.

Source: Joan of Arc – By herself and her witnesses, Régine Pernoud, pp. 15-20


A Psalm for the Royal Heart

Royal Hearts 3

Psalm 100 (101) appeared recently in the Liturgy of the Hours, described as “The Psalm of a good ruler.” In fact, the Douay-Rheims version begins with, “a psalm for David himself.”

It struck me that this would make an excellent prayer for the Royal Heart who prays for the Christian Monarchies, their well-being, the devotion of their people, and the edification of their Christian cultures. I have started the practice of praying this psalm once a day for my adopted royals, for all Christian Monarchies, and for the leaders of my own country (the Royal Heart must always pray and sacrifice in patriotic duty to one’s own country in addition to our adopted royals).

I find it to be a great blessing and a very biblical way to pray for the Christian Monarchs. Following are two versions, the first being from the New Jerusalem bible and the second being from the Douay-Rheims.

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New Jerusalem (Psalm 100):

1 I will sing of faith love and judgment; to you, Yahweh, will I make music.

2 I will go forward in the path of the blameless; when will you come to me? I will live in purity of heart, in my house,

3 I will not set before my eyes anything sordid. I hate those who act crookedly; this has no attraction for me.

4 Let the perverse of heart keep away from me; the wicked I disregard.

5 One who secretly slanders a comrade, I reduce to silence; haughty looks, proud heart, these I cannot tolerate.

6 I look to the faithful of the land to be my companions, only he who walks in the path of the blameless shall be my servant.

7 There is no room in my house for anyone who practices deceit; no liar will stand his ground where I can see him.

8 Morning after morning I reduced to silence all the wicked in the land, banishing from the city of Yahweh all evil-doers.

Douay-Rheims (Psalm 101)

1 A psalm for David himself. Mercy and judgment I will sing to thee, O Lord: I will sing,

2 and I will understand in the unspotted way, when thou shalt come to me. I walked in the innocence of my heart, in the midst of my house.

3 I did not set before my eyes any unjust thing: I hated the workers of iniquities.

4 The perverse heart did not cleave to me: and the malignant, that turned aside from me, I would not know.

5 The man that in private detracted his neighbour, him did I persecute. With him that had a proud eye, and an unsatiable heart, I would not eat.

6 My eyes were upon the faithful of the earth, to sit with me: the man that walked in the perfect way, he served me.

7 He that worketh pride shall not dwell in the midst of my house: he that speaketh unjust things did not prosper before my eyes.

8 In the morning I put to death all the wicked of the land: that I might cut off all the workers of iniquity from the city of the Lord.



Through French Eyes: The Counterrevolution

Ste. Thérèse et Ste. Jehanne

Through French Eyes: The Counterrevolution

This section will lay out what we propose will be very effective tactics for aiding the restoration of the Catholic Church, which is the Kingdom of God on earth, and for doing our small part in saving her from the hellish forces of Protestantism, Eastern New Age Paganism, and the mother of all anti-Church Satanic influences, Freemasonry, the latter of which seeks a blasphemous one world religion where all churches are seen simply as a melting pot of spirituality energizing the building of a utopian, anti-God, secular humanist, earthly City of Man and which, collectively, adores Man himself through his “self-actualization,” “self-awareness,” and, essentially, his “divine-self.” The tactics here are intended as specific antidotes to these anti-Church forces that spiritually poison the Church and are related to RoyaumeFrance’s three primary programs supporting our Mission and Vision, namely:

Seek the Kingdom through True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and habitual Eucharistic adoration.

Love the Kingdom through a journey on the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed to “La France Mystique,” that is, “Mystical France” with St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

Defend the Kingdom through devotion to the Counterrevolutionary spirit of traditional French Catholicism and of the culture of Christendom that developed through the centuries around the Faith of the ages.

RoyaumeFrance  Cloud SLD

Three fundamental points must be understood be every faithful Catholic, whether or not they find specific affection in devotion to Traditional French Catholic Spirituality and the Renaissance of Catholic France, for RoyaumeFrance, as stated in point four of her ten points, does not consider herself as normative for the Church; she is simply designed as one Counterrevolutionary force supporting the universal Church and is for those who feel special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Mystical Kingdom of France. It is in the French mindset, however, that we gain a unique insight, for France is, and has been historically, the great battle ground between the Church and the anti-Church forces. It is through the evils of the French Revolution that we see Satan’s strategy, which began in the Protestant Revolution, now officially codified in language. It is this same strategy that he is using to fan the flames of revolution inside the Church today. That strategy is: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.”

The cry of the French Revolutionaries that later so inspired Lenin and the Bolsheviks in Russia has become the cry of revolutionaries in the Church; though, the latter’s language is predictably obscure and deceptive. RoyaumeFrance aims here to call it out into the sunlight that we might defend ourselves from it and ultimately to destroy it.


The Problem

The attack on Christ’s Holy Catholic Church through the post-Vatican II years has come along the very same three avenues whereby Satan so horrifically raged against the Church during the French Revolution. The “smoke of Satan” entering the Church after Vatican II (as described by Pope Paul VI) was the very smoke that burned in the Bolshevik Revolution and which was in turn inspired by the French Revolution of the “enlightenment,” which was itself inspired by the American Revolution with its “Separation of Church and State,” all of which ultimately spawned from the evils of the Protestant Revolution. These three points are critical to understanding the Freemasonry-inspired confusion in the Church which gives, temporarily and only by the mysterious will of God, free reign for Satan to walk through the Kingdom of God on earth and to mock our Savior as he did on Calvary:

Liberté – religious freedom – the revolution in the Church to promote a Masonic freedom of religion whereby error is given the same rights as Truth and which tends to support democratic spirituality and the formation of Democratic, Constitutional Republics as the governmental “right arm” of Satan’s secular humanism.

Vatican II’s declaration on religious freedom is used by revolutionaries in the Church to destroy the preeminence in society and culture of Jesus Christ and His Body, the Church, all in the name of “freedom.” Liberté is the revolutionary inversion, the turning away, or “un-repentance” from freedom through obedience to God and toward slavery through obedience to man.

Liberté “allows” people to “personally” believe something while never, ever feeling the right to “impose” that belief on others.

Liberté is the battle cry for revolutionaries in the Church who seek to destroy Catholic Christian culture by publicly supporting civil rights for evils such as abortion or same-sex “marriage” while claiming all the while that they do not “personally” believe that way! The revolutionaries inside the Church now preach that this is the “new” way of Catholicism, or, alternatively, they are forced to unmercifully twist and mangle their words to explain to us that this is “how the pre-conciliar Church really thought.”

In the final analysis, these revolutionaries support a secular freedom that leads to the slavery of Adam over a religious obedience that leads to the freedom of Jesus Christ.


Egalité – ecumenism – the revolution in the Church to promote the equality of all “Christian” denominations in a false ecumenism which is no more than the frontal assault of the evils of Protestantism in the Church.

Revolutionaries are using the Church’s teaching on ecumenism to mitigate, or even to destroy it seems at times, the Church’s unique claim as the only Church of Jesus Christ and the only Church through which is given us the hope for salvation. We are reduced to the lowest common denominator of belief in order to appear more attractive to Protestants rather than to pronounce the fullness of our faith with vigor so as to convert Protestants to the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Church.

Egalité is the revolutionary inversion, the turning away, or “un-repentance” from the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church and toward a new democratic collegiality among baptized Christians, where the revolutionaries would have us seek understanding with and (heaven help us) even learning from heretics and schismatics.

Egalité works in union with liberté to break down the walls of the Church and to carry away her inhabitants as slaves to the new, Masonic, one world spirituality of tolerance and world peace. The Catholic is led to believe that his or her traditional interpretation of the Faith is “intolerant” and “divisive” which are contrary to the “true” teachings of Jesus Christ (apparently only recently discovered through the intellectual superiority of the modern mind!).

The Catholic therefore is led to believe that his or her new chains of slavery in Freemasonic thought are really the vestments of freedom.


Fraternité – tolerance for other religions – the revolution in the Church to promote the Masonic, one world utopian ideal of world peace through the eradication of religious differences.

Revolutionaries are using the Church’s teachings on other religions with Vatican II’s teaching on salvation outside the Catholic Church to mitigate her missionary and evangelical zeal for the conversion and salvation of souls. Fraternité is the revolutionary inversion, the turning away, or “un-repentance” from the Great Commission of Christ to baptize all nations that the Father’s Kingdom might come “on earth as it is in Heaven” and toward a new Kingdom of Man representing Satan’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in Hell.”

We see here the blasphemous integration of Eastern New Age spiritualities into the Church and her liturgies. A supposed value is promoted regarding the spirituality of Buddhism, Hinduism, and other oriental pagan religions. Tolerance for Islam is promoted as a means of leading the way toward the utopian ideal. Pacifism is promoted (since nothing should ever be defended anyway – to defend means to believe in the superiority of one’s belief – this true belief is despised by revolutionaries).

Catholicism is shamed for her past, and the faithful are told that Jesus really wants (and always did want) the “enlightened,” “progressive,” “modern” way! Original sin no longer exists (nor did it ever really, in the teachings of the revolutionaries), Christ’s death was simply a tragedy of ignorant religious zeal (such as the Catholic Church has expressed through the centuries) and therefore unnecessary. His death on the cross “saves” us through the enlightenment we now receive by the modernist’s intellectual superiority in interpreting the past. Jesus becomes “resurrected” and “alive” in our hearts when we finally eschew all religion and embrace the utopian one world spirituality of man.

Fraternité closes the loop to the unholy trinity with liberté and egalité.


The Satanic secular virtues of liberté, egalité, and fratenité flew in spirit through the ages from their inception in the Protestant Revolution to the “Enlightenment,” then to the American Revolution of “Separation of Church and State,” then the French Revolution where it became codified, followed by the Bolshevik Revolution, the Sixties “Hippie” Revolution, and now to the modern Secular Humanist Revolution. There is one personified spirit behind all of these revolutions with one, and only one objective: the destruction of the Holy Catholic Church. Liberté, egalité, and fraternité are the inversion of the true virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love. This is the reason that so many Catholics are confused today. They hear words that mimic the Truth while being brow beaten with a supposed charity.

RoyaumeFrance’s Solution

In order to counter these heresies and false spiritualities, and in a spirit of true charity that desires not to see anyone condemned for eternity (which condemnation of souls is the deceptive and ultimate aim of the one world spirituality), RoyaumeFrance has established her programs and objectives. We must be unyielding and indefatigable in our efforts to call out these three key operations of Satan and push back on his revolutionaries both inside and outside the Church through the following:

Joan and Therese cloud Royaume France

Seek the Kingdom – to call out and destroy the influence of liberté through True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and habitual Eucharistic adoration.

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and union with the Real and Substantial Presence of Jesus Christ in His Eucharist, souls will be led to understand that obedience to the dogmas, doctrines, and magisterial teachings of the Church is the narrow but true road leading to the magnificent Kingdom of God. The Virgin Mary with her Son, Who is truly man and truly God and the only Savior of the human race, will never, and can never, deceive.

By obediently “seeking first the Kingdom” in their care, the soul abounds in hopeful joy of finding true freedom in the Kingdom of God.

Love the Kingdom – to call out and destroy the influence of egalité through devotion and consecration to the magnificent saints, Joan of Arc and Thérèse of Lisieux, both secondary co-patronesses of France.

Together with the Virgin Mary, who is truly Queen of France by virtue of King Louis XIII’s consecration of France to her, these two daughters of God will faithfully lead the soul toward a mystical Kingdom, the mystical Kingdom of France, which far outshines any earthly Kingdom.

The soul will come to understand that the Kingdom of God (which, like a mansion with many rooms, encompasses many Kingdoms) has no equal!

The soul will come to understand the beauty of authentic inequality as expressed in the hierarchies of angelic spirits and saintly souls making up the Kingdom as like the various hierarchies of trees, flowers, rivers, meadows, and mountains making up one, indivisible, unified panorama!

Now, there, through the dogmas and doctrines of the Catholic Church, we will find true unity and peace, all in magnificent splendor! It is precisely this true unity and peace in love that the revolutionaries would seek to deny us for the ruin of our souls! It is this true unity and peace in love that we defend and offer to the world!

Defend the Kingdom – to call out and destroy the influence of fraternité through inculcating in our souls a Counterrevolutionary spirit as historically demonstrated by the Catholic and Royal Army of the Vendée during the French Revolution (and which has its counter-part in the Cristeros of Mexico in the early 20th century).

Defense of the Kingdom of God is expressed in a spirit of total love and charity for both God and mankind. We refuse to bow before the false modern spiritualities.

We refuse to offer incense to the false idols of secular humanism as expressed through such totalitarian campaigns as abortion rights, gay rights, and same sex “marriage.” We refuse, and we defend our faith, out of love, for the pagan non-believer, the murderer, the lustful, the unrepentant and active homosexual, the drunk, the blasphemer, or any unrepentant sinner cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

To inspire souls to repent and seek the true Kingdom of God is truly to inspire them with charity, fraternal love, peace, and unity.

Closing Summary on Methodology

Through RoyaumeFrance’s programs, objectives, and methods as explained here and elsewhere in our writings, we seek to leverage the wisdom of the French Catholic experience in order to help restore the Church in the spirit of, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

J and T cloud Royaume France

The origins of The Royal Hearts and how I became a Monarchist

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My conversion to Monarchism evolved around the Fall of 2008 when I first began writing. Always from that time, I felt St. Joan of Arc inspiring me to take all of my firmly held beliefs, which are the Dogmas of the Holy Catholic Church, and bring them to their logical conclusion. Concurrent with this, a growing sense of angst enveloped my heart. That angst was what I perceived as a conflict between these Dogmas and different, Protestant and secular dogmas which had been fundamental to my early spiritual development. These latter non-divine dogmas were “Separation of Church and State” and the notion that we should be governed only by “the Will of the People.”

My angst grew. How can a corrupted people effectively make up their own rules for society? Is this not what Adam and Eve did in the Garden, that is, take from God the prerogative to determine right from wrong (eating from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil)? On the other hand, did not God give Adam and Eve all the freedoms they would ever need or desire (you may eat of any of the trees in the Garden, except…) if only they would obey the Divine Prerogative? Instead, they took things into their own hands; they exerted their own will in deciding right from wrong.


Separation of Church and State and governing by the Will of the People began to look an awful lot like the sin of Adam and Eve rather than a divinely ordained right.

I wanted to stop before reaching the inevitable conclusion. When I was growing up, my teachers and community taught me the alleged divine ordination of Constitutional Republicanism, Separation of Church and State, and The Will of the People, with all the dogmatic fervor by which the Church teaches the resurrection of Christ and Transubstantiation. Ancient Monarchies were enslaving, and God wanted to free us! He would do so first by freeing us spiritually through something called a “Protestant Reformation” which would counter the evil errors of the Church. Then through the freedom of the individual by this so-called Reformation, in union with another phenomenon called an “Enlightenment” which intellectually and culturally freed mankind after centuries of Monarchical, Church and State totalitarianism, God would rescue us through Revolutions to a new freedom in the Constitutional Republic. This was the essence of the dogmatic teachings of the Protestant, Constitutional Republicans who taught me as a youth. And I bought it hook, line and sinker. I might be forgiven in that, at the time, I was nominally, and by birth, a Protestant.

However, much later, in 2008, I was many years a Catholic. The angst continued. St. Joan of Arc continued to inspire me not to stop until I had reached the logical outcome of my beliefs.

Jehanne clouds refined

I then began studying the history of Western Civilization from the time of the fall of the pagan Roman Empire through the Middle Ages up to this alleged “Protestant Reformation.” I drew wildly different conclusions from those dogmatically impressed on me by the Protestant Constitutional Republicans when I was growing up. Conversely, I concluded that this “Reformation” was nothing more than a “Revolution” against the Divine Order as established by Jesus Christ through the Dogmas of His Holy Catholic Church. It was not hard to see that much of what I was taught in my youth about the Church and State prior to this ill-fated Revolution had been misguided at best or overtly false at worst. I began to see that the Catholic Church and the Monarchies that worked hand in hand with her actually built Western Civilization and that the post-Protestant Revolutionary Republics had been, for the last five centuries, tearing it down.

At that point, I had to finish what began in me. I eschewed the old dogmas of Constitutional Republicanism and accepted the Catholic Monarchy as the foundation for my political, social, and cultural orientation, such that I felt a complete sense of integrity and wholeness in my beliefs. The Monarchies, with all of their human faults and disappointments, seemed the closest manifestations to, and most helpful in the facilitation of, the bringing of the Father’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in Heaven.” All that I believed religiously, politically, culturally, and socially fell into place like one beautiful stained-glass mosaic.

Queen St. Clotilda

Note that whereas I always felt the inspiration of St. Joan of Arc, the conclusion was mine. I do not make claims for the saints or declare that I know what they think. I simply brought all my beliefs to one, integrated rule of life by her inspiration.

Now, only a few months ago, I was sitting in Mass and praying to St. Clotilda, the wife of King Clovis, and she whom we can rightly consider the Mother of Christendom for her role in bringing about Clovis’ baptism to the true Faith, making him the first Catholic King of the Franks. The inspiration for The Royal Hearts came to me. I wondered why we would not use the concept of “adopting” with regard to the Royal families who represent the last vestiges of ancient Christendom. Why not “adopt a royal family” to ask for God’s grace in restoring the Christian Monarchies and Christian cultures that built an edifying civilization, one that Protestantism with it’s devilish companions, the “Enlightenment” and the Constitutional “Separation” Republic, have torn asunder?

Royal Hearts was born.

Royal Hearts 1aaaa

One might ask, given all that is stated above, how can we have a union of Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox praying for these royal families? Are there not some contradictions in all of us praying for all the Christian Monarchies? Are not Protestantism and Catholicism anathema one to the other?

Yes, I think there are difficulties; however, we leave that to Our Lord, Jesus Christ. These Monarchies represent the baptized and the ancient roots of Christian culture. It might be a broad ecumenical effort, but it certainly is one that also might be rightly placed. The outcomes, we leave to Jesus, Who is the King of all Kings.

How the Royal Heart saves the Church – “a rocklike faith, the kind that would stand though the heavens fell.”

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Charles of Anjou was strikingly different from his brother St. Louis IX, though they had one fundamental aspect in common.


He was a strong man, brave as a lion, steadfast and persevering. He said little, slept little, lost no time in diversions, living a chaste and highly disciplined life. He was a mighty warrior, but no crusader; during his long and active career as a prince of Christendom he never set foot in the Holy Land. Few men loved Charles of Anjou; all men respected him, and many feared him. What he and (King Saint) Louis shared was the pearl of great price: a rocklike faith, the kind that would stand though the heavens fell.”


~ Warren Carroll, The Glories of Christendom, p. 283

The Royal Heart’s response to today’s crisis in the Church is quite simple. We will follow the example of King St. Louis and his brother Charles of Anjou. Though the entire hierarchy would yield to apostasy and the heavens themselves fall, we will remain, by the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, invincibly Catholic.

That is it. That’s the strategy.

With Our Lord’s help and through our true devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, we will stand in our faith when all else collapses. Our secret to saving the Church as Royal Hearts  is simply to remain undefeated.

We can do this only through the power and grace of Jesus Christ. But with that power and grace, we will do it. It is our duty as a Royal Heart under the guidance, patronage, and care of Queen St. Clotilda, the mother of Christendom.

I recently saw the following quote and find it appropriate.

“When Napoleon told Pope Leo that he (Napoleon) would destroy the Papacy and the Church, Pope Leo replied: ‘If we haven’t been able to destroy it, you won’t be able to either.’ ” 

Remain faithful. Remain Catholic. Let Heaven itself fall, and we will remain Catholic. Jesus is with us to the end of the ages.

Queen St. Clotilda, pray for us!

Meditation on the Royal Heart

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The Royal Heart is one that is born not of earth but of the Heavenly Kingdom. We are unable to explain to others our devotion to the Monarchy without revealing a few of the sacred rooms in the castle of our soul. For, devotion to the Monarchy is much more than a devotion to an earthly socio-political model, it is an outpouring of our love for the true Form of the Kingdom of Heaven with its Divine Order beginning with Jesus Christ as King of all Kings and cascading downward, in a Divine Aristocracy, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the rest of the communion of saints.

The Royal Heart seeks this Kingdom along the Divine Trail of the Dogmatic Creed, which is the only path leading to the eternal Kingdom. We seek it with the assistance of our saintly sisters, Joan of Arc and Thérèse of Lisieux, who keep us focused on our goal and out of danger as we cross narrow bridges over deep canyons, traipse the steep, dangerous, but truly edifying, rocky paths over the snow packed mountains, and cross slippery, rushing streams running through the pristine meadows leading to the Kingdom of God.

The Royal Heart eschews and shrinks away from the whispers of the Evil Distractor hiding in the Dark Forest, who seeks to taunt us into abandoning the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed for a wide paved highway where we will have an alleged “freedom” to choose our own way over that given to us by God. The Royal Heart understands instinctively and intuitively that we are truly free to make our way to the Kingdom only by staying obedient to the boundaries of the Trail of the Dogmatic Creed. We are truly free only by following that way by which God instructs us.

“You are free to eat of all the trees in the garden. But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you are not to eat, for, the day you eat of that, you are doomed to die.” ~ Gen 2:16-17.

Dove and Rose

The Royal Heart, through sanctifying grace, arrives to our destination in a union of spirit with God and the communion of saints by the prayer Our Lord taught us: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” His Kingdom is not of this world, but He desires that we make it present in this world for the salvation of souls. The Monarchy best reflects the order of the Kingdom of Heaven; therefore, the Royal Heart seeks the Monarchy in order to facilitate the coming of His Kingdom.

The Royal Heart, therefore, is fundamentally religious and spiritual and is imbued throughout the substance of our soul through sanctifying grace. It is a yearning for the Kingdom of God and a desire to manifest that Kingdom on earth for the well-being of society and the salvation of mankind.

The Royal Heart reflects the most beautiful color in the Heavens, which is the combined spirituality of St. Joan of Arc and St. Thérèse, by exposing itself to the sunlight of Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and in the care of these Heavenly sisters. By reflecting this celestial light, we hope to transform the Church and the world for our Queen, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and our King, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed Virgin Mary, with St. Joan of Arc, St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and St. Clotilda, the spiritual mother of Christendom and of France, pray for us!


St. Clotilda’s Royal Hearts of the French Catholic Diaspora

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“France was won for the faith, primarily because of Clotilda.” ~ Warren H. Carroll, The Building of Christendom

St. Clotilda, the spiritual mother and Queen of Royal France, was a Burgundian princess when she married Clovis, the King of the Franks in 493 AD. Though her father followed the heretical Arian “Christian” sect, her mother was a devoutly Catholic Burgundian who raised her daughter with a faithful Catholic heart.

“Of all the invading barbarian peoples, only the Burgundians had been marked by consistent fidelity to their promise of service to Rome. They had occupied east central Gaul and what is now western Switzerland, with their capitals at Lyons, Vienne, and Geneva. In 474 the senior of their three kings, Chilperic, received the title of General from one of the last shadow – emperors of the Roman West, and made it meaningful by fighting for Rome against the Visigoths during the last days of the Western Empire. Chilperic was an Arian; but his wife Caretena, whose praises were sung by two contemporary writers in Gaul, was a devout and orthodox Catholic. They had a daughter named Clotilda. Raised at Lyons by such a mother as Carotena, Clotilda would have learned early and well the glorious tale of the martyrs of that city in 177, especially the radiant Blandina; received the blessing of the great St. Avitus, Bishop of Vienne, when he came to court; and been inspired by the example of Lyons’ Bishop Patiens, famous for his charity.” ~ Warren H. Carroll, The Building of Christendom

What kind of a heart, then, did Caretena give to her young princess, for this is the very heart that St. Clotilda gives to us as the French Catholic Diaspora. Though tragically unseen in her lifetime, St. Clotilda imbued the Frankish people and the land of the Franks, what would become France and Germany centuries later, with the spirit of true Christianity in the fullness of the Catholic faith. It is this heart for which we must pray and which we must seek. It is St. Clotilda’s royal, orthodox, Catholic heart with which we must unite our own in order to fulfill our destiny in the French Catholic Diaspora with St. Mary Magdalene, Ste. Jehanne d’Arc, and Ste. Thérèse de Lisieux in the center of the Immaculate Heart of Mary where Jesus Christ reigns in all of His glory.

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“All about Clotilda, as she grew from infancy to girlhood, the old world was crashing down; she, a barbarian princess, belonged to the new one, whatever it might be. Yet the faith that burned in her was the faith of Perpetua, of Cecilia, of Jerome’s Paula – all from the greatest families of Rome, who would have recognized Clotilda instantly as their sister in spirit.” ~ Warren H. Carroll, The Building of Christendom

This is the faith of the saints and the early Christian martyrs. We must understand our own royal hearts to be first and foremost hearts grounded in sanctifying grace through a dogmatic confession of Catholic faith. Royalty is not a mere earthly political construct. True royalty and a genuine royal heart is born of the Holy Spirit through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The royal heart seeks to fulfill Our Lord’s prayer handed down to us in Scripture that our Father’s will be done, His Kingdom come “on earth as it is in Heaven.” The royal hearts of the French Catholic Diaspora have an innate sense of the Social Kingship of Christ and Jesus Christ as King of Kings. The royal hearts of the French Catholic Diaspora have an innate sense of the mystical relationship between the Kingdom of France and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth. The royal hearts of the French Catholic Diaspora reverberate with Ste. Jehanne d’Arc’s mission to restore “true France” where Jesus Christ is King and the earthly Monarch is Christ’s lieutenant.

To fulfill the mission completely, the royal heart must suffer against all odds in a newly developing barbaric, vulgar, and blasphemous world, just as did Queen St. Clotilda. After her glorious years with newly baptized King Clovis, she would suffer a terrible dark night of the soul as her children betrayed her motherly instruction. While strictly enforcing orthodox Catholicism in letter, the immediate heirs to the Frankish throne cared little for the spirit. St. Clotilda lived out her remaining widowed years at the shrine of St. Martin in Tours, praying for her family, her people, and her country.

“It was Clotilda’s cross to witness the first thirty-four years of that degradation. That was the span of her widowhood, and most of it was the span of her suffering. As the wife of Clovis in his triumphant years, haloed with the radiance of his conversion and all it meant to the world, which she had done so much to bring about, she had known happiness, fulfillment, and glory such as few ever experience; now her suffering matched her time of joy in magnitude, and exceeded it in length. For her adopted people were still barbarians, culturally akin to that Theodoric who had hewn his Christian enemy in two in cold blood with his own hand; and so, as she had to learn in wrenching agony, were her three sons, now grown. Her careful instruction all through their childhood and early youth had gone for naught. They were faithless, brutal murders, hardly more Christian than they were civilized men.” ~ Warren H. Carroll, The Building of Christendom


Yet, St. Clotilda’s holiness in suffering would echo down the decades and centuries as a perpetual fount of inspiration. A later Frankish princess, Ingunthis, carried herself forward under this powerful influence.

“She had most certainly heard of Clotilda and what she had done some ninety years before; very likely Bishop Phronimius reminded her of that holy example, and that she now had the same opportunity as her sainted ancestor, and urged her to pray for Clotilda’s intercession and help.” ~ Warren H. Carroll, The Building of Christendom

Queen St. Clotilda’s heart, both in victory and agonizing defeat, must be our own, the royal heart of the French Catholic Diaspora. Ours is a heart that seeks the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the friendship and sisterly care of Ste. Jehanne and Ste. Thérèse with St. Clotilda’s maternal care. They are our spiritual ancestors.

The royal hearts of the French Catholic Diaspora were planted on the shores of Gaul in the Apostolic era by St. Mary Magdalene, germinated four centuries later by St. Clotilda, pruned by Ste. Jehanne d’Arc almost one thousand years after that, and nurtured like a field of flowers in our contemporary age  by Ste. Thérèse de l’Enfant Jesus.

It is now our calling, our vocation, and our destiny to be stewards for, and beautify through suffering in union with Christ, that field of flowers known as the Virgin Mary’s Mystical Kingdom of Catholic France. This is the duty of the royal heart of the French Catholic Diaspora.

Queen St. Clotilda, as did Princess Ingunthis and many others centuries before us, we ask for your intercession and that you help us to persevere to the end as the royal hearts of the French Catholic Diaspora.

Queen St. Clotilda, the spiritual mother of the Counterrevolution

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“The migration of nations! – What a medley of images this word calls up in our mind. It carries us back to the sunset of the old civilization; we rest for a while in the twilight, then grope about in the night, and emerge at last into the dawn – grey, indistinct, undefined – of a new social order.” ~ Fr. John Laux, Church History

Certainly, the above quote seems poignant for our times; though, it refers to the barbarian invasions of the 5th and 6th centuries roughly one thousand five hundred years ago. Just as the old Roman Empire crumbled exteriorly after years of internal moral decay, so is our empire called Western Civilization crumbling after an astonishing collapse in morality. The contemporary spiritual, social, and cultural situation in America and the West is not significantly different from that of post-barbarian Europe.

“When the last wave of the barbarian invasion had spend its force, the face of Europe had been transformed. Independent Germanic kingdoms had been established on the ruins of the Roman Empire, and there was everywhere a bewildering mixture of races, institutions, and religions.” ~ Fr. John Laux, Church History

MM France banner Royaume France with site

The situation for true Christianity, the fullness of which resides in the only institution founded personally and authoritatively by Jesus Christ before His passion, crucifixion, and resurrection – the Catholic Church – is as perilous now as it was then. Just as in modern America, “Christian” rulers are often Protestant, Evangelical, or otherwise “spiritual but not religious,” the Goths, Vandals, Burgundians, and Lombards rolling over Europe were mostly either pagan or heretical Arian Christians rather than true Christian and Catholic. The saving grace for Christianity in temporal affairs and the seed of what eventually would become Christendom was the conversion to Catholicism of the still pagan Franks through the baptism of King Clovis in 496 AD. Our Lord and Our Lady accomplished this work of Divine Providence through Queen Saint Clotilda, the graceful wife of Clovis. Through her influence, Clovis converted  to Catholicism and with him all of the Frankish kingdom. True Catholic Christianity now held a beachhead on mainland Europe through the Franks and by the prayers and example their saintly Queen.

“In 493 the Frankish king Clovis married Clotilda, a Burgundian princess, who, though of Arian parentage, was herself a devout Catholic. It was mainly due to her example, her admonitions and her prayers that Clovis embraced Christianity in spite of various attempts made by his Arian neighbors to win him over to their heresy. With three thousand of his warriors he was baptized on Christmas day in the year 496 by St. Remigius, bishop of Rheims. The bulk of the nation followed the example of their leader.” ~ Fr. John Laux, Church History

Similarly, Christian civilization finds itself in the 21st century facing the same threat and needing the same remedy as it did in the 5th and 6th centuries. Our modern barbarian invasion began in the 16th century with the Protestant Revolution which brought a new, heretical form of Christianity to the fore of cultural and political power. Mutated forms of this heresy have led to our bewildering array of barbaric contemporary beliefs and institutions, as witnessed by their progress through the Satanic French Revolution, the equally Satanic Bolshevik Revolution, and the  equally Satanic Sixties Hippie Revolution. Having been torn asunder and weakened spiritually and culturally by the initial waves, we are now threatened with complete desolation by the ever-ready ancient battering ram, the most insidious barbaric religious and political mutation of all, Islam, with like effect as ancient Europe was threatened by the terrible Lombards in 568.

“The invasion of the Lombards (568) was the last, but in many respects also the most tremendous, scourge with which the fair provinces of Italy were visited. It was the most terrible, as Newman remarks, because it was the last; because the Visigoth and the Hun and the Vandal and the Herulian and the Ostrogoth and the Byzantine had devastated the land before him, the Lombard could in so short a time make the desolation so complete.” ~ Fr. John Laux, Church History

We are so threatened with complete desolation today by the Muslim because the revolutionary Protestant, the spiritually carcinogenic “spiritual but not religious,” and the totalitarian secular atheist have devastated the land before him. The Muslim is now able to draw the sword for the final blow. Just as ancient Europe was weakened by heretical Arianism under the false pretense of “Christian,” we are weakened by heretical Protestantism, Evangelicalism, and “spiritual but not religious” heresies. True Christianity – the Catholic Church – needs a beachhead today in our society, culture, and political structure just as it needed that Catholic, Frankish beachhead centuries ago.


The Counterrevolutionary and Royal Army of America aims to be one part of that beachhead, even if it is a very small part. Our spiritual mother, foundress, and patroness is St. Clotilda. Our Lord initiated France’s mission and vocation as “The Eldest Daughter of the Church” through her saintly piety. Though her father was Arian, St. Clotilda’s Catholic mother instilled in her daughter a faithful Christian spirit as a barbarian Burgundian Princess at a time when the old was passing away, and no one knew what was ahead.  Later, as the Queen of the Franks, St. Clotilda brought an entire people to the true faith.

“All about Clotilda, as she grew from infancy to girlhood, the old world was crashing down; she, a barbarian princess, belonged to the new one, whatever it might be. Yet the faith that burned in her was the faith of Perpetua, of Cecilia, of Jerome’s Paula – all from the greatest families of Rome, who would have recognized Clotilda instantly as their sister in spirit.” ~ Warren H. Carroll, The Building of Christendom

St. Clotilda suffered much for many years after the death of King Clovis. Her children, the heirs to the new Catholic Kingdom, brought her only misery. Short of a personal divine revelation (of which there is no record or indication), she would have had no way to know during the thirty-four years she carried her cross as a widow that God would use her as the seed of what would become Christendom. Like Queen St. Clotilda, we must suffer with royal hearts in an age of vulgar, secular, egalitarian republicanism knowing that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the King of Kings, the Master of history, and He through Whom all things were created. We might never see the fruits of our efforts, but like St. Clotilda, we will offer our crosses to the most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary and through her to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven.” If St. Clotilda gave birth to Catholic France, then surely, by the grace of God, she will give spiritual birth to the renaissance of Catholic France. Queen St. Clotilda will watch over us with motherly concern.

Through her powerful intercession and royal, paternal care, we will defend the Catholic Church, as did her husband King Clovis. As did the Franks for Christendom over the centuries, we will form the seed for the resurrection of the coming, newly energized Catholic civilization. We seek the Renaissance of the Kingdom of Catholic France, the restoration of the French Catholic Monarchy, the restoration of Catholic Monarchies in general, and even the establishment of a Catholic Monarchy in the United States.

Queen St. Clotilda, with Ste. Jehanne d’Arc, Ste. Thérèse de Lisieux, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, pray for us!


Thérèse quote: “Speaking of clouds…a thunderbolt fell…it seemed that God was so near.”

Dove and Rose January 2016 with On Facebook

“Speaking of clouds, I remember how one day when we were out, the blue sky became overcast and a storm came on, accompanied by vivid lightning. I looked round on every side, so as to lose nothing of the grand sight. A thunderbolt fell in a field close by, and, far from feeling the least bit afraid, I was delighted–it seemed that God was so near.”

― from “The Story of a Soul (Illustrated)

Story of a Soul



Joan Quote: “I could have wished his head cut off—however, only if it pleased God.”

Dove and Rose January 2016 with On Facebook

“Question: Did the people of Domremy take the Burgundian side or that of their opponents?
JOAN: I knew only one Burgundian there and I could have wished his head cut off—however, only if it pleased God.
― from “Joan of Arc: By Herself and Her Witnesses”
Joan of Arc by herself


The Fire of Joan of Arc (Light out of Dark)

Jeanne d'Arc 1908, Bussiere

The Fire of Joan of Arc (Light out of Dark)

I was wondering one day
why Joan of Arc’s end so
cruelly stark, formed with
her fire, a light out of dark

She did everything asked of
her, she did nothing wrong,
that is my opinion of her life
and its song

She freed her countrymen
and king, she was an
astounding figure of history

Brave and faithful, selfless
and kind, she was in every
way true to her calling divine

Yet, dear Joan met only
thanklessness and betrayal,
she died amongst hatred,

And I wondered why that day…

I ponder these things when I
don’t have much to do, as
was the case that day sitting
before Mary’s statue

Why Mother Mary? What is
the meaning, of dear Joan of
Arc’s life and the fire at its ending?

A scene opened before me,
the devil himself was
prosecuting before my last
judgment day jury

I watched with obvious
interest, my lips pursed in
fear, the devil was laughing
and making his point clear

He roared to the jury that my
judgment would be, the one
time he

Would not have to lie, cheat
or steal, for there would be
nothing he really needed to tell

For my deeds alone
condemn me from the roof,
he smiled, yes, this is one
time even he could tell the truth

Do you see my dilemma, the
thing I suddenly knew, Joan
like the Savior died unjustly, I
only gave the devil his due

I knew my question had
been poorly framed, I was
seeking to know why only to
point blame

The real question was when…

When would I be brave
enough to bear, suffering in
union with those I hold dear?

The real question thought
through, is could I die that
way too?

I saw in the emptiness of my
life’s selfish whims, that Joan
followed Him asking not why
but when

When would she reach the
end of her dream, and die
faithfully, out of love, for our
King and our Queen!

Jehanne more frost

The March of Hope, Part 2


The March of Hope, Part 2

The March of Hope
The March of Joan of Arc
With saintly sister Thérèse
Made its way toward the kingdom

My view was larger than life
The panorama before us was brilliant
The mountains were tall
And the valleys echoed deeply

Far below I could see a garden
As pure as the Virgin Mary
It was youthful and alive
It reminded me of young Thérèse

I saw a beautiful man and woman
They were living in complete freedom
They had only to obey
To keep the fruits and joys in the garden

Many others appeared on the horizon
Joan of Arc showed us time as well as space
The couple’s freedom made everyone happy
The color and joy reminded me again of Thérèse


I saw tears come to Joan of Arc
The beautiful land had lost its color
All the people were sick
The couple was in self-locked chains

The couple had given up their freedom
By stealing from God when he was not looking
They threw away God’s beauty and meaning
They made a poorer world for themselves

Suddenly I was in tears too
My chest was heaving, I hurt
Because I saw my saintly sister Thérèse
The couple’s chains made Thérèse sick, too

Then a glorious light flashed
God loved his people
He promised to save them
Through a new couple, Virgin and Son

Thérèse struggled up to a mountain top
She offered the Son her sickness
As a sacrifice for others
I cried as she mentioned me by name

Joan of Arc whispered to me
“Through the Son, the people are free”
The world was recast in gold and light
Brighter than ever before

And this is why I march
With St. Thérèse and Joan of Arc
Thérèse is my sister dear
Joan of Arc my leader, Daughter of God so near


The March of Hope, Part 1


The March of Hope, Part 1

The Freedom Dance continues merrily on…
Imagine my astonishment
When the Queen announced
Through my saintly sister Thérèse
That Joan of Arc was to the fore…

The Dance of Freedom was to continue on
The trail of the Dogmatic Creed
Stretched further…
Faith had not yet animated me

Joan of Arc was the chosen guide
On the path of the Dogmatic Creed next
No one can see the Kingdom
Without Hope that forms our desire

Mystical France radiance

“Joan of Arc will lead you”
Spoke my saintly sister Thérèse
“To a new world view”
“Your actions belie your words of faith!”

“Joan of Arc acts
According to her faith”
“She is no practical non-believer!”
Saintly Thérèse smiled with eyes dancing

“Unlike her, brother,
You honor God only with lips!”

“You hope in yourself” Thérèse continued
“While whispering faith in God”
“You cannot see the Kingdom
With your old point of view”

“Joan of Arc will show you
The glorious new world view
That will animate you with love
And create the appropriate desire in you”

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We climbed a mountain with Joan of Arc
She pointed to a panorama below
I heard the thunder of God clapping
Bringing rhythm and reason to creation

Joan of Arc, to whom we are so devoted
Smiled at us, while singing
“God created heaven and earth
Clapping one day, two days, three and more”

“While God was clapping, music was heard!”
Cried our Maid, whom Thérèse and I so enjoy
“One day, two days, three and more
Logical beauty, reason, and rhythm!”

“God created both Reason and Rhythm!”
She cried, “It all has a purpose!”
“The order of nature is reason and beauty”
“The mystery of rhythm is the artwork of God!”

Jeanne PF7

My heart was leaping!
A lesson in Hope!
That God’s first words convey the wisdom
Of purpose and unity both!

Hushing noisy philosophers aside
With Joan of Arc as my guide
I watched the beauty unfold
I let God explain his point of view

I have always wished
That beauty had meaning
I had always missed the point
Of the creation story

Joan of Arc!
With my saintly sister Thérèse
Had brought me to my first juncture in Hope
The meaning of creation – my world view is changing!

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Part 4: The Dance of Destiny – “Joy”


The Dance of Destiny – “Joy”

The Dance of Freedom was joyful again
Conquering the Bridge of Reason and
Through the Dark Valley we survived
We were far from the Dark Forest
From where I had come

My saintly sister Therese and
My new friends
Danced on with a particular lightness
My destiny was at hand!

“How is it dear sister” I was energized now
“That this path of the Dogmatic Creed
Is so durable? So trustworthy?”
“It is neglected today, dare I say, rebuked!”

“For I would never have dreamed”
I ran with them up the mountain
“That the path of the Apostolic
Fathers could have navigated
The Bridge of Reason
and the Dark Valley, both”

“Oh you see, dear brother,” she slowed for me
“It is the very certainty that makes you free”
“You are free to act, others only to speculate”

“For so many in the Dark Forest
From where you came” she cried out
“Are slaves to useless arguments
And words”
“Always wondering if they are right,
Never free to dance”


“Or so often” she continued on
“They wear the chains
Of power driven arguments”
“Trying to prove, no less, to
Themselves their own thoughts”

“For they see” she finally stopped to
Look at me square
“All things in themselves, they are
Their own gods, you see”
“Lost to mortality and speculation,
But we have a certainty we trust”

“For no man is his own god!” her
Eyes lit like dancing flames
“His noble reason, and I speak with
Reverence to it
Is obscured by the ill-fated
First philosophy of self”

On we danced
I was happy now, joyful
The young lady and her
Friends, brighter than I first

We started to slow down
Therese held something in her
A golden edged folder,
Glittering in the sunlight

I begged her
What was it?
She would not tell, and
Pointed to the palace below

There, below
Was the palace
I silenced myself, this was
More powerful than me

Down the open air steps
Came the King to greet me
The Logos, Love and
Reason, all in One

Our Lady of the Sign

Behind Him came the Queen
Mother of the King,
Mother of God
She greeted me with an
Intensity of love…

She looked at Therese and
Therese’s eyes danced with light
It was then that I realized
I did not find them, why, they
Had been looking for me!

“Yes” the Queen and Mother bent
Down to me
“I was with you in the field, at the
Bridge, in the valley
To strengthen you, and help you
Home, you are home son”

The King approached me
I fell to my knees
My face to the ground

The Master of Reason, Love, and Creation
Smiled toward Therese and nodded
Therese brought him her golden
Edged folder

The folder was for me, it was
My destiny
Therese had had it all the time
But it was up to the King to
Decree my purpose for me

“My Mother the Queen”
“I ask you to wipe her tears,
To love Her”
It was for this that I created you,
No more pleasure can you bring Me”

He handed me the golden edged folder
Inside was His request for my life
Sacrificed to the Heart of Mary,
For His almighty pleasure

I knelt before her, tears in my eyes
This was my meaning, my purpose
I was no longer lost,
I swore to her my life

And I looked to thank
My dear Therese and my new friends
Who had searched for me
To the very world’s end

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Part 3: The Dance of Suffering –“The Dark Night of Enlightenment”


The Dance of Suffering –“The Dark Night of Enlightenment”

The Dance of Freedom had crossed
The Bridge of Reason
But I was not prepared for
What came next…

In fact, I am not sure how to
Tell it
My new saintly sister and my
Led me to the valley of necessity

The Valley of Tears
How can I begin?
Except to tell you I have
Never seen such courage

The clouds grew dark
And began to cover the
A storm was coming – and not
Just any storm

The wind began to pick up
It was becoming harder to dance
Though I pretended to
Smile, I was afraid

The sun began to set
And a terrific and awful
Feeling overpowered me
I felt as if the sun would not
Rise again…

My saintly sister Therese was peaceful
But somber
She looked at me not with
Dancing eyes


But with suffering eyes
Not sad eyes
But powerful, courageous
Suffering eyes

I shook, for this was my
Journey as well
I braced myself for the
The challenge of courage

And nobility
And honor
And virtue

Attributes, characteristics
I had never known before in a
Life of self-indulgence
This would be like dying, in
Fact this was dying

Therese and her friends spoke
With me as we
Prepared to descend
Because if I were to find my

If I were to meet my destiny
The Valley was the path
In fact, it was the Apostolic
Path of the Dogmatic Creed

It was, she explained
Uniquely the path of the
Fathers, the Apostolic Fathers
For others who wished to
Reach our destination

Tried other paths
Paths that avoid the valley
Paths that only seek
Pleasure – and many fell lost

It would be absolutely critical, she added
To stay on the path of the Creed
For only orthodoxy and the
Dogmatic path would be visible in the storm

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And so
Down we went
To the Valley of Darkness

Therese and her friends held
Their cloaks tightly
As the gale force winds began
To hit all around us…

They told me, to give me courage
That on the other side of the
Were the King, the Queen and my

As I began to stumble and fall
For the earth shook
They held me up

Therese yelled through the blasting rain
“Your strength and your power, that of
Yourself are not your safety!”
“Your safety is Fidelity, Faithfulness
To the path – stay on it!”

I could see nothing but the path
The Dogmatic Path of the
Creed was all
Around it was darkness

I crawled and cut myself
I was bleeding
And cold, feeling near

Ste Therese dormir

As the storm raged
Therese explained to me
The nature of the malady
The reason for the Valley

“In your dark forest” she began
“You blasphemed the very
Science and Reason
That you sought to worship”

“For by stretching the material beyond it’s
Noble place” she came down to me
“You attempted to make it a first
You defined all from that start
And in the dark forest you fell!”

“And in that dark forest” softly
Spoke Therese
“Of misguided first-philosophies
Your evolution became involution
Enlightenment became darkness!”

“Now” Therese stared through me
“You must be
Created in the True First
I felt my eyes close, in sleep or in
Death, I could not be sure

I woke suddenly
The sun was shining, I was alive!
My clothes were new, my body
And spirit filled with enormous strength!

My saintly sister Therese and
My friends
Were there smiling again
They beckoned me to hurry, to
Stop dragging my feet

joan19 refined cropped more frost

But I needed to turn and stare
At the dark valley behind me
The young warrior woman
Appeared again and with
Therese stood next to me

“That path had been closed to all”
Said the warrior, The Maid of Orleans
“Until the One, the Logos, the
Reason, Love itself
Opened it for all by suffering through
It, now we are free”

I turned toward the light
Distant, I saw a beautiful place, a
Palace on our path hence
I ran after my friends again, being
Newly made, and heading to my
Destiny next…

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