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I began writing one Fall evening in 2008 after reading a delightful excerpt from Mark Twain's book Joan of Arc. What started as a one-time initiative blossomed into a decade long, multiple book project. Those books comprising the project are listed here. For a proposed reading plan, click here.


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  Across the cresting hills this dawn

Across the cresting hills this dawn

Finds dreamy landscapes veiled by mist

Our Lady points through fields beyond

Amidst their haze a shadow sits

As sunlight breaks the shades turn true

The figure, clear, on horseback, too

Our Lady smiles, it’s Joan of Arc!

A saint to guide me to her heart

In Mary’s heart, Christ’s Kingdom’s found

The Maid knows well the pathway stark

By fire in glory she was crowned

That Kingdom loves God’s Joan of Arc!

This saintly Maid inspires my soul!

I follow Joan through fire or cold

Toward Christ’s Kingdom in Mary’s heart

Toward Christ’s Kingdom in Mary’s heart

That kingdom blessed of Joan and St. Thérèse

I honor you today

Simplistic praise in heart

As one whose cottage sits

Among the fields possessed

By you who by the hand

Of God and Mother, too

As angels gathered ’round

Were crowned among the true

My only hope from God

And of Our Lady, too

My only prayer I seek

Besides my songs for you

Is that my place of rest

(That cottage in the field)

Will be that kingdom blessed

Of Joan and Saint Thérèse


Poetry and my saintly sisters

Poetic prose has been a very important expression of my joy on the journey with St. Joan and St. Thérèse. Please check out my poetry posts on RoyaumeFrance.us