Beyond the counterrevolution

Replacing modern Marxist Leninism with Christian Monarchy

Beyond the Counterrevolution is a philosophical and theoretical model for establishing a Catholic Monarchy. The communist revolutionaries are well-ground in theory, and we must be more so. It is in this sense that I developed the title, "Beyond the Counterrevolution." The counterrevolutionary movement tends too often to be more reactionary. To be truly on the offensive with Christ the King as our focus more so than simply resisting the revolution, we need to go "beyond the counterrevolution" in the establishment of a unifying theoretical model.  In doing this we are reclaiming what was ours. The communists have reengineered the Church's model of universality for their own vulgar purpose. We need to take it back.

“Without a revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.” ~ Vladimir Lenin


There is a reason Lenin was so successful. He was a brilliant theoretician. In ‘What is to be done?’, he develops a model of sorts, a formula, and one we (speaking of Christian Monarchists) would do well to study. 

Lenin emphasized the need for theory to unite workers across the globe (simple experience of other countries will not suffice), which worked. But it was theory attached to an end game. The model goes basically like this (my own summary of a key chapter):

1. Well developed, uncompromising theory.
2. From that theory a common critique that can be applied universally.
3. The understanding that the struggle is not twofold - political and economic - but threefold - political, economic, and theoretical.
4. The advanced theory then creates the groundwork for the movement to become a science.
5. Through the science, advanced insights are gained.
6. Advanced insights lead to forward progress rather than stagnation.
7. Forward progress leads to movement heroism.

“At the moment, we merely wish to state that the role of vanguard can be fulfilled only by a party that is guided by an advanced theory.”

We cannot hope to prevail without recognizing the natural strength of their systematic scientific approach and, at the same time, establishing our own supernatural one founded on Christ the King.


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Lessons in the fight against modern day Marxist leninism

"Freedom of Criticism" and "Critical Theory"

Lenin built his theory with a purposeful rejection of "freedom of criticism." This is important. Leninism rejects criticism on two grounds - the first being that the Marxist Communist vision is correct; therefore, it cannot accept criticism from positions of lesser truth, and the second being that criticism creates doubts whereby the movement does not advance, it stagnates in a pool of conflicting opinions. For Lenin's "dictatorship of the proletariat" to succeed, it must be free from criticism.

The lesson today for us fighting the Marxist Leninist Left is that the idea of them criticizing us while accepting no criticism themselves is not "lib-tard, liberal logic" to be mocked. It actually is the model of power and control. Combined with "critical theory" whereby they criticize, shame, and berate us while not judging themselves by the same standards (rejecting "freedom of criticism"), we retreat while they advance. For example, when we are shamed for our "lack of tolerance" and step back, they advance to fill the space. We continually step back when they criticize; they continually advance forward. "Lib-tard" is a purposeful methodology. Woe to us if we do not recognize it as such.

Another of our defenses, our antidotes, to the Leninist Left is to remain firm in our convictions, not be intimidated, not be apologetic, while at the same time being always charitable. We must learn not to retreat and even more, to advance ourselves.

"'Freedom' is a grand word, but under the banner of free trade the most predatory wars were conducted; under the banner of free labor, the toilers were robbed. The modern use of the term 'freedom of criticism' contains the same inherent falsehood. Those who are really convinced that they have advanced science would demand, not freedom for the new views to continue side by side with the old, but the substitution of the new views for the old." ~ Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich. Essential Works of Lenin: "What Is to Be Done?" and Other Writings (pp. 56-57). Dover Publications. Kindle Edition.

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A developing model for combatting modern day Marxist Leninis

A step by step approach

Below is a five step model for replacing modern Marxist Leninism with Christian Monarchy.


1. The first is an uncompromising devotion to Christ the King. We must insist on the supernatural foundation for our work, even that of feeding the poor. The grave mistake of the early twentieth century Church in "social justice" was making a deal with the devil by accepting that "as long as we help the poor, that's all that matters." This immediately desacralized and vulgarized the work of Christ in the world. Feeding the poor is paramount in the City of God ("I was hungry and you gave me food to eat") but secularized, it becomes the work of the City of Man ("the poor you will always have with you").

2. The second is the development of a solid theoretical and philosophical model by which we can cross national boundaries to better unify a worldwide counterrevolution (essentially reverse engineering the methodology of the communists, who, actually, reverse engineered the methodology of the Church - in that sense we simply are regaining what was ours).

3. The third is the neutralization of the Left's "critical theory" attack on our principles. We must never retreat, nor apologize, for being "intolerant," "close-minded," or "dogmatic." We must not allow the Left to weaponize charity (much less refer to it as "Christian charity") for their political and economic purposes.

4. The fourth is always to strive for true charity, a charity that is uncompromising for Christ the King, he only through whom true charity exists.

5. The fifth is to recognize that positive change requires first a royal heart. Social and political change follows the heart. When people become royal in soul and spirit, society naturally will change and will adopt more edifying political forms such as the Catholic Monarchy. We do not force change by disrupting society and militantly imposing our wills. Those are the tactics of the communists and their spiritual forces of darkness. As children of God's Kingdom, we know that peaceful change will follow the conversion of hearts.


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