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Restoring Le Royaume de France Catholique with Ste.Jeanne d'Arc

Restoring Le Royaume de France Catholique with Ste.Jeanne d'Arc

Restoring Le Royaume de France Catholique with Ste.Jeanne d'ArcRestoring Le Royaume de France Catholique with Ste.Jeanne d'Arc

Guidelines to bring the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven

Truth before freedom (Légitimité)


We may eat of all the trees in the garden so long as we do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This applies scripturally to the religious; it applies to all through Natural Law. Only  obedience to truth (not eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) can yield authentic freedom (partaking of all the other trees in the garden).  We must obey the former in order to live the latter.

This is the substance of our message.

The Catholic Church, not civil religion


In order to follow truth that we might be free, we first must overcome the indoctrination and tenants of civil religion. True America is New Christendom, and the only means of salvation is the Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Christ for that purpose. We must refuse to burn incense at the feet of the revolutionary Republic just as the early Church refused to burn incense before the civil religion of ancient Rome. 

Restoring the influence of Catholic and Royal France in America.

Re-Founding America in Monarchy and Royalism


As the Kingdom of Heaven is structured perfectly according to God's word in the book of Genesis, we must imitate that form in order to bring the Kingdom "on earth as it is in Heaven." The Monarchy grounded in the Natural Law is the form most like that of Heaven. Therefore, the Monarchy is the form most oriented to our freedom. We are Monarchists because we are Légitimistes.

"Truth, Beauty, and Goodness"

A gather or disperse methodology


Speak charitably, without trepidation, and let those of good will gather and those not disperse.

My politics


The reason I am neither Democrat nor Republican is that my politics  do not run Left/Right. They run obtusely as North/South. My sliding  scale is Truth (North) versus Un-Truth (South), or we could say Being  (Truth) versus Non-Being (Un-Truth). The  horizontal Left/Right scale can slide back and forth at different  levels up and down the vertical Truth/Un-Truth scale. Left and Right are  not better or worse because they are Left or Right but are so based on  where they are on the vertical line. Both can be True; both can be  Un-True.

The French call  the vertical scale, "Légitimism." Légitimism means ordering society  according to three levels: 1st) the order of truth in Natural Law in  which all people are called to participate, 2nd) the order of religious  truth, to which all religiously-minded are called to participate, and  3rd) the order of Catholic truth, to which all Catholics are called to  participate.

In Légitimism, the foundational question is are we  living according to Truth, not what rights should we have. For the  Légitimiste, true freedom and "pursuit of happiness" can be found only  by living in Truth, not in libertarian individualism (American Right) or  authoritarian social-engineering (American Left). Therefore, the  Catholic Légitimiste subjugates the civil religion to his Catholicism,  not his Catholicism to the civil religion.

For those who will  pose the highly anticipated question - what is Truth? remember who first  asked that of Our Lord. To the Catholic Légitimiste, the question from  all sides (Right and Left) comes across as one voice in unison, that of a  modern-day Pontius Pilate following his own civil religion. 

To which we stand silent. Not because we do not have an answer but because we are called to imitate our Master.


Do you have a Royal Heart?