Légitimité and the Royal Heart

RoyaumeFrance developed over the years in the shadow of the Légitimiste movement in France. Légitimité had a significant influence on our work; nevertheless, RoyaumeFrance developed independently. We believe that the resulting synchronous relationship we have with the official French movement is not coincidental but a reflection of Jeanne d’Arc’s unifying celestial influence. It pleases us to begin a process of merging the two into one cohesive system.

Royal Hearts, the Monarchical branch of RoyaumeFrance, reflects the building blocks of our integrated model designed to bring the Kingdom of God “on earth as it is in Heaven” through the Catholic Monarchy. Independently of outside influences, we came to the conclusion that Légitimité is the most authentic expression of Catholic and Royal France and the pedagogy represented by her.

Reading Abbé George de Nantes’ 150 Points of the Phalange confirmed our intuition. From there, we naturally gravitated with more deliberation to the Légitimiste movement. Even more specifically, we began shadowing the Union des Cercles Légitimistes de France. Clearly, we have much in common; that is, a shared spirituality and philosophical ultra-realism surrounding the Form of Catholic and Royal France in the center of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and as manifested by Jeanne d’Arc.

With the above in place, we outline below a paraphrased interpretation of the three degrees of Légitimité as explained by the UCLF. Below it, one will find our “Ten Points of the Royal Hearts” developed years ago. The similarity between the two is striking in their substance, though different in presentation; namely, both stress the need for a free society wherein Christ is truly King and His Holy Catholic Church is preeminent in establishing the laws and culture of the land. Both are imbued in a Holy Realism that cascades down to a common Moral Realism based on the Natural Law that will unify a pluralistic society.

The Three Degrees of Légitimité (UCLF):

1st degree – The recognition of the Natural Law. All are welcome to the first degree – Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists…etc – who accept at a minimum the existence of the Natural Law, i.e., the unchanging universal laws of morality, physiology, ecology, and norms of conduct. 

2nd degree – The recognition of the right of every individual to live freely according to the Natural Law as a “divine right” according to God, this degree being naturally acceptable to the large part of the world’s religions.

3rd degree – The recognition of Christ the King as the legitimate authority and author of the Natural Law and its divine right, with adherence to His Church and His commandments, this being naturally acceptable to the large number of Christians.

Thus, all may be Légitimists, at least to the first degree. All religiously-minded may be Légitimists to the second degree, and Christians in particular to the third degree.

A nation ruled by Légitimité has true, legitimate authority that creates a unified but free environment for its inhabitants to flourish in mind, body, and soul. 

Légitimité is what many on the American so-called “Right” believe in praxis, a sort of paleo-conservatism, only they rely on the false premises of classical “Enlightenment” Liberalism for their philosophical foundation. On the other hand, Légitimité is what virtually all on the American Left despise. They inherently recognize it as their primordial, archenemy, even if they are unable to define it.

This is the basis of a society ruled by the Catholic Monarchy. Federated democracy and self-determination at the local level, while the Monarch, subject him/herself to the same Natural Law, protects the freedom of those localities from any encroachment by more powerful, illegitimate forces.

The Monarchy is the protector of the Légitimist society. This is why the Revolutionary Left executes the King and Queen whenever, and wherever, they obtain power, their false authority.


The Ten Points of the Royal Hearts

1. True to its Vision and Mission, Royal Hearts is a consecrated, royalist spiritual army devoted primarily to the reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in all hearts and through those hearts in all societies so that the Social Kingship of Christ will be recognized and honored in all lands “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

2. Royal Hearts sees a confederate, integralist Catholic Monarchy as the most authentic temporal expression of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ.

3. Personal conversion and conviction (either to Catholicism or at a minimum to the concept of the Catholic Monarchy) comes before social change. Social and political change must come only through the free acts of converted people who bring about change through the existing constitutional framework.

4. Royal Hearts eschews any notion of attaining its objectives by forcing change on a society outside the existing constitutional framework.

5. Royal Hearts believes that the Will of God is the only framework in which the Will of the People can operate for the well-being of society. People can govern themselves in an edifying manner only by obeying the moral authority of the Church and of the Natural Law (in addition to the Faith, the Church also is the steward the Natural Law by the authority of Jesus Christ through whom all things were made and who is the Head of the Body, the Church).

6. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy as protecting, “with due limits” (as per the tradition of the Church), religious freedoms, free speech, and free assembly, though Catholicism necessarily would be preeminent in establishing and defending cultural norms.

7. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy as the governing form most capable of resisting and defeating the existing one-world financial and secular ruling order.

8. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy, working under Catholic distributist social and economic principles, as the form most capable of advancing free-enterprise while protecting local land and other capital from the interests of global multinational corporations.

9. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy as the guarantor of life-giving culture, arts, and entertainment and the form most capable of resisting secular vulgarity and blasphemy.

10. Royal Hearts sees the Catholic Monarchy as the guarantor of the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity and the form most capable of resisting state totalitarianism.

Queen St. Clotilda