Royal Hearts

Praying and Evangelizing for Christian Royalism

Royal Hearts is a niche group I founded based on the the philosophy of Christian royalism. Members of the group "adopt" royal families and add those Monarchs, their Kingdoms, and their cultures to the member's prayer petitions. This is in addition to every member's duty to pray for one's own country above all, no matter the modality, as a proper patriotic obligation. 

In addition, we are committed to spreading our love for Monarchy and Royalism within the sphere of our personal influence, no matter how insignificant that domain may appear to be.

With regard to the former point of prayer, I personally pray and offer private petitions at Mass, among my many others, for the following sovereigns: Their Serene Highnesses of Monaco, Their Majesties the Bourbon Royal family of Spain, The Légitimist Bourbon pretenders to the French throne, along with the royal families of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Awakening the royal heart will require an understanding of the role of women first, and only then the role of the male. Just as an understanding and devotion to Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven and earth, opens the door to a greater understanding of the Kingdom of God, an understanding of the Maternal nature of earthly Royalism opens the door to a greater understanding of the earthly Kingdom.

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Royal Hearts is under the patronage of St. Clotilda, wife of King Clovis, Queen and mother of Christendom.

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Royal Hearts is the resulting spiritual life of the Dove and Rose devotee in the Kingdom Blessed of St. Joan and St. Thérèse. This link will guide the reader through the life of the Royal Heart.

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Princess Gloria on the Pope, Hillary, and Catholicism

I am convinced that women must save the world because men can’t  solve their own problems until women resolve theirs.


Women need to restore their natural royalty, then they will restore  their proper authority and influence, that influence that will save the  world. 

The Princess is a role model for how to do this.