The French Catholic Diaspora

Légitimité as the true defense from the Left

The Right cannot overcome the liberal Left. By virtue of its metaphysics, the Right will always drift under fire toward the Left. Whereas the metaphysics guiding the Left  (and drawing the Right to it) are wrong, those of the Right simply are vacuous.  Thus the Right is defenseless in the face of an onslaught from… Continue reading Légitimité as the true defense from the Left

Journal of Inspirations

Empathy, culture, and légitimité

Edith Stein’s work on empathy is complex and rigorous; however, one ray of common-man light shines forth. This is that we come to know ourselves in great part through empathy with others. Part of our self-knowledge is primordially interior, but part is empathic. We see ourselves, but also see ourselves through the eyes of others.… Continue reading Empathy, culture, and légitimité

Journal of Inspirations

On Monarchy

To focus on the worth of the individual Monarch is Aristotelian. To focus on the worth of the Monarchy itself, no matter the acceptability of the steward, is Platonic. The Aristotelian will demand that only worthy men and women be allowed to rule, which, of course, leads ultimately to democracy and the Luciferian "will of… Continue reading On Monarchy